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If you are looking for background verification on marriage, business partner, manager and executive screening, tenant or on any matter/asset/person, contact PROMANSECURITECH, one of the most prestigious background verification companies in Delhi NCR.

Promansecuritech for Instant & Reliable Back Ground Check Services

PROMANSECURITECH is a cutting edge background investigating company, ready to investigate on the issue that you find suspicious. We offer comprehensive and flexible services to fit well to your needs.
Promansecuritech is by far one of the most trusted background verification companies in Delhi.

What is Back Ground Check?

It is all about investigating a person or entity’s history. We cross check one’s behavior, criminal history if any, assets, relationship, credential and many more … The cross-check depends on actually client’s demands. What exactly he/she wants to verify. There are different types of matters on which people want screening.

What are Common Benefits of Background Verification?

  • Clear your doubts related to the person or the asset
  • Give you peace of mind
  • Bring improvement in relationship
  • Improve the lifestyle by letting you lead stress free life

What are Promansecuritech Background Check India Services?

Pre-matrimonial Screening It is a complete background check on a potential spouse to verify any details that they may have shared such as family, assets, social reputation, drug abuse, behavior, relationship and job. We carry out pre-matrimonial data investigation on a prospective groom or bride according to their needs.
  • Let you trust your partner completely
  • Give the hope of leading a happy married life
  • Make your bonding with the prospective partner strong

Background Check on Partner/Post-Matrimonial Screening

You will be provided with complete verification on your partner's suspicious behavior and something that you feel he/she is hiding from you.
  • Make your relationship stable by clearing all your doubts
  • Improve your family life
  • Let you take firm decision if the partner is cheating on you
  • Accurate & instant verification

Tenant Background Check

Promansecuritech, one of the leading background verification companies having its branch in Noida, offers fast, accurate and affordable tenant screening on organisations or persons willing to rent your property such as lease to open a hotel, institute, healthcare unit or any business. We help verifying your tenant’s identity, social status, credit and criminal status before you rent.
  • Let you sure that you are going to rent to responsible tenants who not break the lease and safely use your property
  • Confirm you about the criminal history if any
  • Ensure about financial status of the prospective tenant
  • Business status of the tenant
  • Behavior verification to confirm the tenant posses good nature

Background Check of Your Business Partner

Our back ground check of business partners is accurate. If the history of your potential business partner is not verified, you may set yourself up to get duped. Investigate the status of your prospective business partner, behavior and financial history.
  • Get assurance of the financial status to find a reliable business partner
  • Ensure about the ethical behavior to find the partner who gives value to integrity and practices good business and personal ethics
  • Helps in prospering business

Pre-Post Employee Verification

Pre-employment screening is the process of investigating the background check of managers, senior managers and any C-level position workers. A manager or person in high position having access to vital information of the company plays a significant role in his/her company. If the selection goes wrong, the overall performance of the firm can be impacted. We verify the accuracy of an applicant’s claims and discover any possible history of any fraud as well as work behaviour. We, one of the leading background verification companies having office in Gurgaon, actively participate in pre-post employee screening.
Our senior level employee screening services comprises-
  • Previous employment verification
  • Education verification
  • Professional reference check
  • ID verification
  • Verifying address
  • Indian criminal record verification
  • History of substance abuse
  • Indian court record check
  • Verification of suspicious activities
  • Reduce the high cost of turnover by letting you hire the employee who stays longer
  • Prevent losses from employee fraud, theft, drug abuse, workplace violence and litigation
  • Saving on employee training and development by hiring right employees
  • Enhance professionalism and safe and productive office environment
Note: All employee verification is conducted under the strict guidelines of the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Key Highlights on Hiring Promansecuritech Background Verfication Services:
  • Accurate and fast service from one of the most trustworthy background verification companies in India
  • Keep your screening always confidential
  • Keep you updated with the investigation timely
  • Verify background with the help of latest technology and a team of highly experienced detectives
  • Affordable services

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Client Testimonials

This to place on record my appreciation for the excellent security cover provided .. by your team of Proman Securitech. ........I also have no hesitation in recommending Proman Securitech to other prospective clients seeking the services of a thoroughly professional private security company for important social/ business events.

Proman Event Security Client (a sitting Lok Sabha MP) who engaged Event security services from us in 2012
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