Common Mistakes You Do While Hiring a Facility Management Company

Today, whether it is a MNC, hotel, hospital, restaurant or a mall, all need high-quality facility management services to keep their premise favourable for their visitors. A facility management company plays a pivotal role in keeping an organization neat and clean, safe and well functional. The agency is specialized in cleaning, electricity, plumbing, CCTV repairing and appointing security guards for an organization. It is capable to meet the demand of facility management services in a short period of time. These days, multiple facility management organizations have opened. All of them promise to provide top quality services. So, when it comes to hiring a facility management organization, you may feel it is easy. But here the main challenge you may face is to hire the best one. We are throwing some light on the mistakes many of you probably do while hiring a facility management company.

Hiring an Unexperienced Agency

In order to save more on facility management services, many businesses prefer to hire a new agency because it usually offers services at cheaper rates. Remember, when you hire an unexperienced one, you may end with mismanagement. You may face delay in services and inappropriate management. You may find unexpected and unsatisfied services. So, it is vital to consult an experienced facility management provider rather a new one.

Hiring without Checking the Testimonials

When you are on the way to shortlist a facility management organization, make sure to check its testimonials to know its clients’ views. If you notice negative comments more than positive, it is a red alert and look for someone else. Many clients provide their feedbacks in Google and the agency’s portal. Go through these feedbacks and then think of hiring.

Don’t Compare & Hire Immediately

Why stick to just one organization? The internet has given you scopes to compare work experience and services of multiple agencies. So, don’t avoid comparison. Take your time and then hire the best one.

Hiring on the Basis of Pricing Only

When you hire facility management services in Delhi and NCR area, give preference to the overall performance of the company, its work experience and pricing. There is fierce competition in the field. So, some facility management providers are ready to offer services at affordable rates. But reputed agencies have not kept their rate compromised. They are known for their top class services. So, if you are hiring a facility management company, hire it on its performance basis first. Money will be secondary part.

4 Facts Why Does India Demand Pre-Matrimonial Investigation?

The word pre-matrimonial investigation stands for investigating the background of a bride-to-be or bridegroom-to-be or their closer ones. The type of investigation is not new in countries like US, UK, France and other major countries. The prime reason for the investigation is to avoid the possibility of divorce and bad marriage experiences. In India the concept is new but people of the country are slowly embracing it. Below are some top facts or reasons why India is looking forward for pre-matrimonial investigation.

  • According to Hindustan Times (a leading newspaper agency in India), more than 11,000 divorce were filed in Mumbai alone in 2014 which is more than 5,000 cases in 2010, whereas in Bengaluru, three more family courts opened in 2013 to tackle such cases.
  • The September 2016 shocking report from BBC claimed, India has 1.36 million people who are divorced which is equivalent to 0.24% of the married population and 0.11% of the overall population of the land. It is shocking but true.
  • Infidelity cases are on the rise in India. A survey says that many married young couples are involved in extra-marital affair. These cases influence the happy married life and can be a big trouble for the kids of these couples. They later struggle for child custody and case settlement which can ruin their lives.
  • In arranged marriages, there is a problem of dowry in India. Even after tough dowry act in India, the problem has not root out completely. Looking at this, pre-matrimonial investigation is beneficial. It helps to know the character of the bridegroom-to-be and his family members. There are several cases noted in the country in which girls have been burnt live for dowry. You can stop the heinous crime by investigating about the family background of the bridegroom and his family members.

Who will do the Investigation?

This is an obvious question which you want to ask. Many of you like to do pre-matrimonial spy on your own which is a big mistake because it is not easy. There are many important things to take care of. You will have to do this investigation secretly. You should have proofs of your investigation if anything seems negative.

Leave the responsibility in expert hands. It means hire an experienced pre-matrimonial investigator. Consult a reputed spy agency for this. From online, search active and reputed pre-matrimonial detectives in Delhi or your area. It is the easiest way to access reputed spy agencies. They are professional companies who keep your personal data safe and customize the investigation as per your demand.

5 Tremendous Benefits of Outsourcing Facility Management Services for Hotel Industries

When it comes to hospitality field, they are known for their relaxing ambience, sophisticated services, outstanding security and mouth –watering food. Every hotel has to keep their premises neat and clean, and well-managed. The industry demands on time facility management services on a regular basis. From security to cleaning and plumbing to electricity, all things are required to be managed well.

Looking at these challenges, outsourcing facility management services are beneficial for the industry in many ways.

On Time Service Assurance
A housekeeping service agency maintains high-level professionalism to find happy client relationships. As the hotel industry is alert and active in keeping their environment well-functional, to match the standard the agency provides on-time services. This is one of the biggest factors of professional housekeeping service providers.

Meet Requirements without Getting Delay
As you know the demand of workers in the hotel industry is flexible. Sometimes, they need more workers due to special functions and parties. So, the demand to hire extra workers to manage the ambience is obvious here. When independent housekeepers and other facility management service providers are hired, the process is time taking and hectic. But from facility management services in Delhi NCR, hiring of extra manpower becomes so easy and instant. The agency has adequate backup of experienced workers to meet the sudden demand without any delay.

Saving of Money
In many ways, money is saved. A facility management company is responsible to appoint experts for cleaning, plumbing and electricity related issues. It is their responsibility to provide manpower services at affordable prices. When you hire full-time independent electricians and cleaners, they may charge you more but in the case of facility management service providers there is an opportunity to save money. You get services at competitive prices.

State-of-the-Art Facility Management Services
From professional facility management Company, you can expect to get top quality services because workers of the agency have knowledge of their work practically. Moreover, the agency is dedicated to provide cleaning services using today’s advance cleaning equipment. Well-trained security officers are provided by the agency.

Let You Focus on Your Work
When you outsource the facility management services, you can give your best to other services in the hotel. You can focus on production and use your brain in building the hotel reputation.

Effortless Ways to Hire a Security Guard in Gurgaon

The millennium city, Gurgaon, is growing leaps and bounds. Every year, the city is seeing growth in form of construction, retailing and businesses. All these sectors need all types of facilities including water, cleaning and security. The demand of security guards has been increasing in the city for the last 10 years. Be it small or big offices, retail houses and buildings, all want to appoint private security guards to keep their premises safe and sound. So, the question is how to hire a security guard in Gurgaon? There are various ways, but we are telling you the most effective and practically practiced ways to look for the best security services.

No Referrals, Contact a Professional Security Agency
Some people believe in references from friends and colleagues to hire a security guard. It should be avoided because a security guard plays an important in the safety of your office or house. Such guard should be hired after complete verification that includes his history, any criminal record, family history, qualification and training. A professional security service provider of the city can help you much in this context. The agency goes through every detail of the person who wanted to be a security guard. It provides in-house training to the person. So, a well-managed private security services in Gurgaon offers reliable security officers. You don’t need to spend your time to watch the guard’s behaviour, history and other details. You can rely on the person for the safety of your premise.

Go for Online Search to Locate Agency
Gone are the days when newspaper ads play an important role. These days, advanced and sincere security agencies in NCR have their own online portals to tell more their services. So, browse online to locate a respected agency of the city. Go through their details and ask for the service quotes to get the service at the best prices.

Hire from a Well-Established Security Agency
Your security officer should be hired from a well-established agency. It means when you browse online, select the agency not just the basis of their quotes but also the basis of their experience. A well-established agency is usually dominated to provide the best service. So, you have the chance get the security services from a well –trained security guard.

Why Security Guards from A Security Agency are the Best?

When it comes to hire a security guard to keep your premises safe, what will you do? There are primarily two ways to hire a security officer. You can give an ad to the newspaper or consult a security agency. Ideally, hiring an independent security guard is not safe. Consulting a security agency is an ideal way. In this write-up, you will come to know about why hire security guards from a professional private security agency.

Tend to Hire a Reliable Guard
These agencies are committed to make their services better and for this, getting reliance of customers is their prime priority. When a person is selected for a guarding service, he has to go through several selection parameters. His work history is checked. His criminal history is also checked if any. The person is interviewed to know their skills and cognition. The Adhar Card and Voting Card details are checked. Cross verification takes place. Once, the agency is all sure about the person’s behaviour and history, he becomes a part of the agency. Can you do the verification on your own? It is will be time consuming for you but the agency is expert in it. When you hire a security officer from an agency, you have a kind of faith in the security officer.

Hire a Well-Trained Guard
Mental and physical abilities play an important role for any guard. He should be active and physically fit. At the same time, he should be mentally strong to tackle an adverse situation cleverly and boldly. These qualities are earned during a training program conducted by the security agency. A Reliable security guards service in Gurgaon, Haryana is dominated to provide full-time training to the selected candidates. A rigorous training teaches them to give value to time and how to tackle any adverse situation smartly. When you hire an independent guard, you are not sure that whether he has received any training. But an agency will give you an assurance of hiring a well-trained security officer.

Instant Service
When you are associated with a security agency, you will get on time services. This is one of the major advantages. In case, you need a security guard for a short time, it will be provided by the agency. So, you have flexibility along with the opportunity to get an instant service.

5 Strong Reasons to Hire a Facility Management Company

Facility Management service in Delhi NCR

Taking care of a commercial facility is not as easy as it appears. Every office, health care unit, retail store and shopping complex comes with its own unique facility management challenges. This is where a facility management company is hired. Sometimes avoiding the importance of the odd job causes major problem for an office and can influence the growth of the business too. Here are some major reasons to hire a facility management agency.

Find Focus on Work
A company progress is primarily depended on how much attention they give to their work. When odd jobs like cleaning, maintaining hygiene, repairing and plumbing are in the hands of a facility agency, it is easy for a focus to focus on its work. Instead of wasting their time in management of the office premises, the company can be more focused towards work progress.

Save Money
Whether an organization is big or small, it is almost impossible to hire each and every employee associated with facility management services because the area of the field is larger. It is a group of expert cleaners, plumbers and electricians. On the other hand, you don’t need these services often. If you hire full time facility management workers, it will add extra burden to the company. So, outsourcing these services from top facility maintenance companies in Noida saves your money a lot.

Flawless Work Environment
When you are associated with an independent electrician, you may face unseen problems. Be it hotels, hospitals or offices, all need a smooth power supply service. If the service may interrupt due to electrical issues in your premise, it will need repairing as soon as possible. An Independent electrician may get late to provide the service but a facility management company helps to arrange real time service to get out of the problem as soon as possible. This is one of the major differences between a facility management professional and a freelance worker.

Healthy Environment
Every office needs to maintain proper hygiene. You may have hired some workers to clean the office premise regularly but for proper cleaning, you need a professional help. A facility management agency uses advance cleaning equipment and chemicals to clean the every corner including windows, ceilings, rooftops etc. Dust related respiratory diseases cannot touch your premise.

Fully Stocked Cabinets
A cleaning agency is responsible that particular products are always available like paper towels, and toilet paper in the rest room. Companies often overlook these things but a facility agency will keep you remind about this.

How Does a Pre-Marital Investigator Help You?

Are you going to tie a knot? Do you have any doubt related to your partner’s behaviour, relation or work status? All you need to conduct a pre-marital investigation. This is an investigation which helps you know about your upcoming partner’s personality and many things which you are interested to learn before getting married. But for this you will have to take help from a pre-marital investigator. You cannot conduct such investigation on your own. Neither of your family members and close friends can do this. It is the responsibility of a private detective agency.

How Do You Get Help?
A pre-marital investigator is expert in identifying any hiding fact about the person who is going to marry you. The interesting thing is that the investigator performs the task privately. Your future partner will not come to know about this until you tell him/her.

The best part is that the investigation agency will conduct investigation about certain things you want to know about. Customized service is offered. The professional detective agency is bound to reveal the information to only you. No third party is going to know about this.

To collect information of your future partner, the expert investigator can take help of various sources. It can be technology, places the person visit usually, work place he/she works and many things. The investigator can keep an eye on his/her activities if it seems necessary. Proof is collected in form of photographs, videos and anything that can work as a strong proof. Their evidences will help you much to put questions to your future partner. You can cross verify.

How to Hire
Hiring a private detective for pre-marital investigation is easy. All you need to browse the internet and locate your city based professionals like pre-marital investigation in Delhi. The search engine will let you know about those agencies. Target the agency that is in the professional for years. Such agency is reliable to conduct investigation on personal matters. Without meeting the investigator in person you can ask for investigation. It will be helpful to keep your personal matter as personal.

Remember your marriage is based on reliance. If you are alert beforehand you can save your life. Pre-marital investigation is something which is necessary for almost all youngsters who are going to tie a knot.

Facility Management in Delhi NCR

Proman Securitech has a vision to deliver a cost effective centric of Housekeeping & facility management solutions to help in keeping our business & Societies a friendly and cleaner environment

Proman Securitech has their mission to provide quality service and continuous training to the staff and customer’s satisfaction, and urges to upgrade the range & quality of its services.

We use the latest technology in resulting to cleanliness of the premises using chemicals /equipment
Proman Securitech has tailored a team of professionals with experience in working in Hotels Hospitals Schools Corporates & Industries, housekeeping and maintaining the facility. We impart regular training to our staff, and create procedures and skill training program.The facility management drive is to upkeep the facility/property

Site Assessment:According to the manpower setup, the slot work & checklist housekeeping manual which covers all the SOP’s and is designed processing the activities of Housekeeping.

Proman Securitech ensures through daily work inspection that our professionals appearance are clean complete in uniform and hygienic.Proman Securitech Quality requirement is to reduce the clients complaints, we render outstanding customer’s support.

  • Become familiar with the lease.
  • Review as-built drawings of the work environment.
  • Review the building systems.
  • Review the budget.
  • Review the facility for cleanliness, safety and functionality.
  • Review all service contracts.

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Security Services in Gurgaon

Proman Securitech has security guards that are licensed, insured, and certified. We thoroughly screen every security professional to the highest industry standards and to ensure compliance with state regulations. Verified and trained to protect homes and offices in and around Gurgaon.

We observe that our security guards are completely aware of the rules and regulations,so that they could easily identify any criminal doing and prevent grave consequences. Our working image revolves around the concept and to the total satisfaction of our Clients ,and undertake the responsibility, and assignment entrusted to us.

Proman Securitech would undertake the responsibility and assignment and execute the same to the entire satisfaction of our clients; we look forward to challenging assignments.

We have in practice and follow the 3 mandatory steps i.e

  • 1st step: Initial Screening of documents education certificates, medical report police verification.
  • 2nd Step: Sourcing of recruitment and recruitment procedures.
  • 3rd step: Basic training which is done in our training centre.

We define ourselves as the most rapidly growing organization in this manned industry, offering our comprehensive services anywhere whether a residence, club, factory, hospital, banquet hall, hotels, schools, etc.

Our Security is the most trusted agency, whom you can without hesitation build trust on us for your protection.

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How to go about choosing a Professional Security Guard Company in Noida/Greater Noida?

Not all security companies are alike. Companies differ in size, experience, geographical presence, infrastructure, managerial expertise, existing clients and professional and government affiliations and licensing. It is also true that no two entities(clients) have the same requirement when it comes to hiring a security services provider. Security is a critical function and we need to trust our security personnel with access to key business assets, both physical and digital.

A security company becomes a key part of our own business continuity and planning. It is therefore imperative to do some homework and a fair amount of due diligence when choosing a security service partner.

Some key factors to consider when making this important decision are:

1. Management of the Security company – professionals with proven track record in areas of policing, law enforcement, training, and other areas of man management tend to be better equipped to handle different contingencies
2. Training facility weather self owned or outsourced – a stringent training arrangement either in house or outsources is essential to ensure duty standards are maintained
3. Recruitment system – weather the company has a clearly defined and stringent system adhering to physical, educational standards
4. Client roster – check if the agency has handled clients in similar geographies and areas of business
5. Operations systems and checklists – ask the company to present their system of handling routine checks of client sites and their escalation system in case of any tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 occurrences. This system should be well defined and known to the entire Management chain of the Agency
6. Reference checks – it is critical to speak to the top level people at Agency’s clients to ensure that they have had no issues with the agency in the past
7. Do not look for L1 Services – security means dealing with men and often difficult circumstances that arise in our day to day business operations. Security is one area where one should not look for lowest bidder wins approach. It is our responsibility as clients to ensure that the people performing
8. Bigger is not always better – while large companies have certain advantages, they also have a tiered management structure. If quick response and constant communication is our objective we should look at a smaller company which is able to attend to our day to day issues in a satisfactory manner in real time.

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