Why Hire Team Proman to Conduct a Pre Matrimonial Investigation

We are a professional company offering discreet background check services anywhere in India. Our checks and reports are comprehensive covering all aspects of an individual and her family’s social, professional and financial standing. While verifying past educational records, present and previous employment history are fairly simple routine tasks which may be completed by anyone with decent communication skills, often even on the phone or electronically. Gathering information and taking a call on the individual and family’s “risk” profile is often an art requiring training and experience that requires taking a call using judgment and experience of carrying out detailed investigations and surveillance across a wide spectrum of cases. All our operatives and report writers have decades of experience compiling such information and then sifting through it and presenting the most important parts of it to our clients.

The following areas are covered in our Pre matrimonial background checks:

  1. Detailed inquiry into character – nature, demeanor and behaviour of the individual
  2. Social reputation – any hobbies, friends’ circles, any known vices like smoking, drinking etc
  3. Professional reputation – time with current employer, feedback on professional knowledge, skills and prospects
  1. Any present or past alliances and relationships
  2. Detailed investigation into the standing and position of the family concerned, including extended family, brothers, sisters and in laws of siblings
  3. Reputation amongst the domestic and office staff
  4. Financial standing including any knows issues with debt
  5. Any ongoing or past police or legal cases against the individual

We set ourselves apart from other companies in this space in the following ways:

  1. We use decades of intelligence gathering experience and expertise to maintain strictest confidentiality and restrain at all times. We understand how important and sensitive these tasks are to all concerned
  2. We believe in maintaining utmost secrecy during all our operations
  3. Our investigations are monitored by senior officers of elite intelligence gathering organizations of the Government of India (MHA) and State Police, Intelligence wings
  4. All our operative has several decades of running covert and complex operations carrying our surveillance, following and gathering deep intelligence regarding
  5. We are able to tap into the vast network of resources and “assets” our operatives have created at all levels in the Government and allied agencies to get to the bottom of the desired information

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Divorce & Techniques to Find Out Hidden Assets

hidden assets

Unreported income and hidden assets are often alleged during divorce settlement. It is not uncommon to hide assets for a spouse, especially when the divorce has been planned for a quite a while. Therefore, asset search service is required to hire which is all about conducting an asset investigation broadly to ensure that all properties have been discovered and you get what you deserve. A private investigation company is hired to assist divorce attorneys, divorce mediators, and the divorcing couples in verifying or locating hidden entities.

There are numerous ways to find out the hidden property. Only expert investigators can perform the task.

Properties may be Hidden
The most common types of assets that may be un-disclosed by your partner are cash, mutual funds, bounds, stock, jewellery, hobby equipment, lands and vehicles.

Techniques to Unveiled Hidden Treasures

Income Tax Returns
It could be the first priority to look for possible clues. The return provides the roadmap to find out the earning. It also helps to know the source of income whether it be dividends, interest, rental income and loss or gain from the sale of a stocks. It is possible to know through which sources interest and dividends are coming from. Tax free bonds, real estate and property tax and property used to earn income are helpful to know about undisclosed properties.

Verifying the Account Statements & Cancelled Cheques
During investigation, the cancelled cheques and to whom it is paid are verified. The investigation helps to reveal the purchase of an investment. The account statements are verified closely to know the last and recent transaction details.

Analysis of Lifestyle
Your hired asset search private investigator conducts the lifestyle of your partner which involves multiple things. What types of clothes being purchased? What type of car your partner has? Is there any difference between the reported income and the lifestyle? After conducting about the lifestyle, hidden assets can be identified to a great extent.

Credit Card Investigation
How many credit card your partner has possessed? How does he/she use these cards? The credit history and shopping history are tried to discover.

Public Record Checks
Public records are available from the courthouses and city halls. Such records hold valuable information. So the investigation team tries to find out any hidden asset of your spouse from the public record.

Do you think you can conduct the investigation on your own? It is why private investigators are hired.

Why & How Hire a Skip Tracing Investigator

Skip Tracing Investigator

Skip refers to the person being search for and tracing is the act of locating the particular person. Skip tracing is an industry term which is applied to the process of finding out the fugitive who is not found at his/her residence or the usual hangout place. The term is often used in the case of defaulters, witnesses and criminals.

People usually like to hire private investors to perform the task. These investigators use high quality skip tracing tools to gather information of the targeted person. They collect as much information as possible about the subject. Once the data is gathered, it is analysed, reduced and verified. Police are very limited in their powers to recapture the suspects who have skipped out on bail. Sometimes, police officials take more than usual time to trace the suspect. This is why people will like to move to private investigation agencies.

Why Hire Skip Tracers?
Often the term defaulter is used to the people who have taken loan and now is out the trace to pay off. In this case, banks and private financial firms consider skip tracing investigators.

During the court hearing, sometimes the cases become weak because some witnesses are not present in the court room and are untraceable. Skip tracers play an important role here.

Sometimes, these investigators are hired to find birth parents and a lost love. They can work on your personal matters.

These investigators are also hired to locate dangerous criminals who are in the list of wanted criminals.

How to hire Skip Trace Investigators?
is not as easy as it appears. You have to look for multiple factors.

Work Experience
When it comes to hiring, try to know how much work experience the potential investigation agency has. Your prime focus should be hiring a well experienced investigating agency.

Sources Using to Trace
What are the sources they use to trace the defaulter or criminal? A professional agency keeps records of phone number databases, credit reports, utility bills, job applications, public tax information, loan applications, public record databases, courthouse records, travel records and driver licence. A large variety of resources and databases are collected to trace the skipped person. Does your potential agency use a variety of sources?

Compare Service Pricing
This is the secondary but necessary things to evaluate while finalizing a skip trace investigation agency. Compare rates of your shortlisted investigation agencies to finalize the one.

Why & Who Conduct Premarital Investigation

your potential partner

Why Conduct Premarital Investigation?
Do you buy a new car without investigating its features? Do you admit your kid to a school without knowing its background? If no, then why turn a blind eye when it comes to marriage. It is a lifetime commitment with a stranger. Without investigating the background of your potential partner, you can risk your life. It may possible that your potential partner is lying about his/her career, education, relationship or property.

Humankind has nature to reveal positive aspects about their lives but they hide negative things related to them. It may possible that your potential partner is hiding something that can influence your relationship and your marriage could hit a rough patch. Therefore, pre marital investigation is required to conduct and it is conducted private detective agencies. They are proficient in the field. Your parents and relatives can do some inquiry about your potential partner but they could not perform the task as efficiently as a detective can do. Getting informed about one’s career and individual life is not easy. It involves in-depth inquiry of the following person without letting him/her know about it. Only professional detective agencies can do this.

Who can Conduct Pre-Marital Investigation services?
Browse online to search top private detective agencies in your area. You may ask your friends or closer ones also but the best way is to search online. Hiring of these agencies is based on evaluating their work experience, on time service and service packages. Online gives you the platform to come across multiple detective agencies. You can compare their services, experience and packages to choose the right one.

The service package is basically depended on the information you want to get. A professional premarital detective agency offers a standard package that includes complete investigation.

  • Behaviour of the Potential partner (smoking, drug or alcohol addiction if any
  • Investigating career (finding the person’s career history and present history if any)
  • Educational related investigation (finding and matching the education which has been described by the potential partner)
  • Investigating relationship (finding the affair if any)

Discuss with the agency about what information you want to collect. Make sure you are getting customized services so that maximum satisfaction can be gained. The licensed private investigation companies ensure to offer the best service in the given time and they maintain privacy at the same time.

5 Best Reasons to Appoint Private Investigators

Private Investigators

A private investigator is appointed for several reasons. It could be personal, official, legal and criminal investigation when you can hire a private detective. They play an important role in resolving matters by collecting the facts. These private investigation companies are active, vigilant and specialized in their services. Let’s know about the tops reasons to hire private investigators in Delhi or your city.

A licensed private detective is who has got training from a recognized training centre for theft and fraud investigation. During training they come to know about the tricks and techniques that are not aware by the average person. They learn the art of focusing on small to small clues, studying the body language of the people and their possible motives. So, the rigorous training makes them professional in their job.

A licensed private investigator has earned excellent experience in his field. Experience makes them as a specialist to find case relevant evidences and clues to make your legal process strong. Their experiences manage to uncover the truth in a short period of time. So, experience plays an important role.

Legal Knowledge
The licensed investigators have good understanding of legal process and allowed to do as far as surveillance. They know the evidences that can make a case strong and help to win the case.

Work on Several Fields
There are cases in which you cannot take help of police or government investigators like divorce settlement, child custody, office foul play, partner cheating, pre and post marital. In these cases you can think of hiring a personal investigation team. It helps to find out the truth regardless of the case sensitivity. You can hire these detectives to resolve fraud and criminal cases too.

Help Find Accurate Information
These detectives help to collect the information which is useful, valuable and truthful. Agencies know their job responsibilities and their competitive market. So, they try their best to collect accurate information which can help you. Evidences are collected from various sources including physical, web and high technology detective tools in order to maintain top accuracy.

Work on Time
When it comes to detect the truth behind an incident, you don’t want to wait much. Therefore, private investigation companies are bound to tackle a case timely. A time frame is set to collect evidences.
Hire a reliable, professional and experienced private detective agency to find the best help for your problem.

Asset Location Services on Divorce Settlement

Asset Location Services on Divorce Settlement

Divorce itself is a bad state but matters can be worst when one partner is seemingly withholding assets or not ready to disclose his/her assets. Unfortunately, the act of hiding assets in divorce cases is on rise these days. Even if there is a remote chance of hiding property by your partner, consult a reputed private investigating company.

When a couple divorces they often go through the process of dividing up the property like cars, money and even the debts. The property is generally divided equally between the spouses, but the separate property is not divided. Separate property is that property which is acquired before the marriage. Non-marital goods are not divided. It is the asset acquired by a spouse as an inheritance. But an inheritance can be marital property if it is supporting the marriage like a rental property from which the couple is paying off their expenses. So, during divorce, you will have to confirm whether your partner is hiding assets from you or the following property can be divided.

Role of Private Investigators
Private investigators help you locate the property you might unaware of your partner. It helps you get the records of various details which are helpful in asset settlement during legal proceedings. The investigation team helps locate a great number of items under your spouse’s name like business, accounts, real estate and vehicles. You can claim to get equal right on them if you have proper proof of these properties. Therefore, a private investigation team is appointed. They provide real time service where you come to know about the property of your partner without getting delay. All necessary documents are collected to make your case strong. Your partner can be left with no option to hide the claimed property.

Getting Asset Location Services
It is all about getting private investigation services. You can take help of your friends or closer ones to hire a property location service provider or can go for self-search. Choose the internet to locate such service providers in your country or state or city. Synchronize your search by writing the right search terms like asset location services in India. You may easily come to know many active private investigators of your city. Among them shortlist the one that is rated by customers and have years of experience in the same field. The secondary thing to notice is the service packages they are offering. Talk to the agency about what you want so that the service can be tailored accordingly.

All You Want to Know about Skip Tracing

 skip trace investigation

The term ‘skip tracing‘ is used for all about locating or tracing the whereabouts of someone who has left town, often for the purpose of debt collection. An experienced private investigator team is appointed to locate the targeted person’s present contact details with the help of various resources. They use the term POI for the targeted person which is known as the person of interest.

Why do only Private Investigators Hire for Skip Trace?
People who are subject of a skip trace investigation always like to be untraced. Private investigators trace the POI on your behalf. Real time service is provided. There are several cases in which police have failed to trace the particular person but private investigators have achieved success.

A private investigation team looks for people for various reasons under skip trace. You can hire them when:

  • Looking for important witnesses for attorneys
  • Missing heirs to estates
  • Defendants who has not appeared in the court
  • Subjects of legal proceedings who has to serve with court papers
  • Tracing people who have skipped bail
  • Debtors who have defaulted
  • Those who have not paid to a business for the services they received

What information is collected under skip tracing services?
The prime goal of the service is to trace the current location of the POI. A record is prepared by the investigation team which helps to trace the targeted person easily. The investigator is responsible to act quickly to find out the current address, place of work, the recent phone number, and evidences verify the correct address. The private investigator is responsible to provide the service in real time so that the person can be traceable quickly.

What is the cost of skip tracing services?
Cost can vary depending on cases. You cannot assume that your case will cost you more or will be affordable. Factors like the amount of information you want, whether the POI is actively hiding and the background of the POI play a big role in deciding the service cost. For example, a homeless person who doesn’t want to be traced can be hard to track down the real address. On the contrary, a debtor with a fixed address is easily traceable. So the amount of effort put on tracing also influences the pricing of the service.

How to Conduct Due Diligence for Purchasing Commercial Property

Due Diligence for Purchasing Commercial Property

Due diligence is not all about conducting background checks of a business to purchase it. There are several other situations in which due diligence is performed like private equity funding and purchase of real estate. It is more than a general investigation which involves specific elements based on the situation. When you purchase a commercial property, there are several factors required to be examined. Without conducting a proper due diligence of the property, you may face troubles.

To get the service done all you need to hire a third party due diligence service provider. They are considered a specialist in the service because they know their job responsibilities and have extensive experience in the field. Flexible plans are offered by them. You can choose the one that you find worthy. The best plan covers all the elements of diligence for the property so that you will face no problem in future.

The Best Plan Package Covers:

Environmental Concerns
When a commercial property is bought, it is must to examine the environmental related issues with the property. Does the land sit on a flood zone, active fault-line or protected from any environmental hazard? It is necessary to speculate the environmental related issues.

For any business, choose a right location plays an important role. It includes connectivity of the land with the prime roads. How much traffic will cross by the business location every day? Does it easy to enter and exit? Is the parking lot available?

Close Examining of the Building
Along with location evaluation, it is must to conduct an inspection of the building. A qualified building inspector is often appointed to inspect the building and its nearby areas. If there is any lien in the property, it is inspected by the diligence team. They are also responsible for confirming about any due payment detail of the contractors who worked on the property.

Code Compliance
To avoid unforeseen situations in future it is must that the building meets all the safety compliances. Confirmation on the matter is must before you finalize the property.

Performance Evaluation
Assessment of the current owner performance in this space is must to be examined. The diligence team tries to obtain the business profit or loss statements to tell you that how much beneficial the property can be for you.

Loan File Review and Legal Matters
Does the property still on loan? Does any legal issue related to it? These are two prime factors that get clearance before you finalize the commercial property.

Why Conduct Due Diligence While Buying A Business?

Conduct Due Diligence Process

Buying a business has lots of twists and turns. You need to go through various paper work and the last but not the least is to conduct due diligence. If the due diligence services are avoided, you may encounter with nasty surprises. It’s all because it is the process of evaluating a business situation from all aspects before finalizing the buying deal. The service is conducted after the intent to purchase documents have been signed but before the final agreement.

Due diligence is not a general investigation but it covers specific elements which may vary based on the situation. Here both parties are protected but it primarily protects the purchaser by uncovering the potential liabilities and any financial matter to ensure nothing is hidden.

The Subject matters it involves:

The subject is based on the situation, but most of the time it includes:

General Company Information
The history of the company is evaluated along with any succeeding business plans like short term and long term goals, any mission and objectives. It helps to know the how about of the organization and any potential risk.

Company Management Info
Who is the organization in charge? What are their credentials? How long are they working? Are they trustworthy or reliable? The employees, especially those who are in a prestigious position of the company are evaluated.

Legal Inquiries
The diligence service is considered incomplete till the legal structure of the business is conducted. The business legal structure may include copies of the articles of incorporation, copies of the contracts and agreements binding the organization, service agreement on the products and any product liability documents. It also involves discussion of the ongoing and pending litigations if any. Moreover, it needs to disclose the information about the company advisors of legal, financial and insurance. A background check is conducted on all the board members and top level executives. It needs to review the employment tax reports and status of the independent contractors.

Products & Services
If the organization sells products, the list of products is required to examine. The company competition status also needs to be reviewed. Pricing strategies, copyrights, trademarks and license of the company for selling the products are reviewed.

Who Help Conducting Due Diligence?
For this, an expert diligence team is outsourced. They are experienced and have profound knowledge in conducting diligence as per your requirements. Outsourcing the service saves time and money.

Do not be the victim of credit or debit card fraud.

Recent credit card committed at a prominent and popular Delhi restaurant

With digital transactions becoming more and more rampant, credit card skiming and cloning is now very easy and takes a few seconds.

It is important to safeguard ourselves from fraud by taking some simple steps.

Beware – where and how you use your credit and debit cards, some suggested good practices :
1. Always link your mobile number for transaction alerts,
immediately alert Bank in case of a suspicious transaction
2. You should set a transaction limit on your most commonly used card to a small amount of say Rs. 5000/-
3. Do not enter your PIN in public view and it is a good practice to change it every so often
4. As always be aware of your surroundings, if the card reader or swipe machine feels loose or tampered with, alert the Police or the Service establishments Management

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