Never to Ignore Pre-Employment Background Screenings

pre-employment screening

Background checks are often requested by employers for their intended employees to typically find out their credit history, past employment history and criminal history. The verification verifies the accuracy of an applicant’s claim. It is requested to especially on candidates seeking a position that needs a higher level of trust & security like office managers, militants, researchers, scientists, doctors etc… The purpose of pre-employment screening is related to hiring of the right candidate.

Below are types of check or verification that a pre-employment screening involves.

Academic Verification
It is one of the most common verification. The employee’s claim and the collected academic record of the employee are matched to find out that every provided detail related to education is proper and right. The verification tries to find out the provided documents provided no false. Bad academic records like fail history and gaps in education are also tried to discover through the screening.

Employment History
The claim of employment history and self-investigated employment history are matched to know their similarity. If the given and investigated details are mismatched, the employment process is detained. Under this history, investigation team tries to find out gaps in the employment, reason for leaving the previous jobs, employee character, work history, work experience, appreciations, promotions etc… The verification helps companies to hire a dominated, intelligent and creative mind worker.

Address Verification
The investigation purpose is to know whether the claimed address is right or wrong. It generally involves the candidate’s present and previous addresses. The type of verification helps companies to know the person personal identity closely like citizenship, immigration or legal issues.
Criminal Investigation

Every company wants to hire candidates with clean history. Hiring an employee with criminal history can be dangerous for an office environment. It can influence the overall development of the firm. Therefore, criminal investigation is followed where the candidate’s criminal history is checked or verified. If the candidate has a past history of legal issues related to criminal activities, they are verified clearly.

Who works behind the company to find out the pre-employment history of a potential employee? They are Expert Background Verification companies in Delhi NCR. They help to investigate personal and professional details of candidates to shorten the interview methods. The purpose of an investigation company is to make your hiring process fast, simple and systematic. Fees of investigation are based on the information you want. Banks, hospitals, medical, IT and MNCs, all can hire a background investigation company.

How to Catch a Cheat of your Spouse

private detective

It is devastating to learn that your partner is cheating on you. Sometimes there are situations which create doubts on your partner. These doubts can be either true or untrue. Therefore, confronting partners without facts can be ended badly. For example, it may possible that your partner will tell a lie if he has an affair because cheats are liar and liars are cheaters. When you confront him/her without facts it could be very difficult for you collecting any fact in the near future because your partner will become alert and tricky to hide facts. In case the partner is not having an affair there is a chance of ruining the relationship because it is based on mutual understanding.

Below are some efforts that you can put on your own to clear your doubts whether the partner is cheating on you or fair.

Keep a Facts Diary
The dairy will prevent you to become confused and unsure about the facts. For example, your partner is telling that he is going out to do some important office work but is noticed by one of your friends at a pub. You need to record the facts including the time he left home, the time he was noticed by the friend at a pub, location of the pub and the friend who told you the fact. This is the way you can catch him/her. Here your emotions will not work.

Collecting Facts about Close Buddies of Your Partner
It has been proved time and again that in the case of 70% affairs, illicit relationship is made with a close pal, family, work colleague or other close association. Write down in your diary about the names of people whom your partner is closer. Write their status such as married, height, weight, sex etc… It will be helpful for you to know who can be the person.

If you have enough time, you may go ahead to create some facts diary else Hire a reputed private detective of your area. Locate the agency that can help you collecting some crucial facts that show your partner is loyal or having an affair. Hire the agency that is bound to maintain confidentiality.

Go for online search and make search criteria as per area based like private detectives in Delhi. This is one of the quickest ways to keep in touch with the best agency.

Why & How Hire Personal Security Officers?

PSO in Delhi

The one who is ready to stake even his life to prevent you is best known as a personal security officer or PSO in short. These officers receive a special training for getting higher interpersonal skills. Actually, a PSO gets training to dedicate himself towards his master who hires him and is bound to protect the master at any cost. He is always with his master like the nails stick to fingers. If any adverse situation comes, it is your PSO who deals it first. There are many situations when you can hire a personal security officer in Delhi or from your area.

Risk of Being Killed
PSOs can be hired in the situation when you have doubt that your life is at risks. A personal security officer is well trained to detect suspicious activities surrounding you and provides safety at real time.

Risk of Being Robbed
A PSO is hired when you feel unsecure about your treasures. The officer will be with you all time to protect your assets from burglars.

Risk of Being Kidnapped
The cases of kidnapping are on rise in India. A personal guard can be appointed for the person your family whom you think can be kidnapped. Thus, you can put the family member in a secure environment.

Celeb Personal Officers
PSOs are well trained to become a personal bodyguard for celebrities. They can be hired to deal with crowds and provide protection against any uncontrollable situations like live concerts.

Hiring for Self-Security
Elite people often like personal bodyguards to stay protective all time. These officers can be appointed for a long period to offer personal security.

Hiring of PSOs
Consult a reputed security agency to hire a PSO. Make sure the agency you tend to hire has years of experience in the field and offers comprehensive training to its personal guards. Before hiring a PSO for a long period, it is wise to evaluate his credibility and skills.

One can hire either armed or unarmed personal security officers. It is depended on your personal choice and necessity. Both armed and unarmed personal guards have the skill to fight and stay alert. They are well uniformed and maintained disciplines. Make sure all the important qualities of being a personal guard are available in your PSO. A trustable security consultancy like Proman Securitech provides comprehensive training to security guards.

Who is a Bouncer & How to Hire Him?

Hire a Bouncer

Whenever the name ‘bouncer’ comes in mind, it reminds about those bouncers whom you have noticed in many movies. The character portrayed in movies seems offensive who physically throwing patrons out of clubs and restraining drinkers with headlock. It leads a misconception that bouncers have appointed to use physical force to control any bad activities. Actually, a bouncer is a type of security guard who is capable to handle any altercation in a calm and intentional manner. They are known as a doorman, cooler or door supervisor who generally appointed at nightclubs, bars, concerts and stripclubs.

They are responsible to maintain calmness in the club by dealing with aggressive behaviour or non-compliance with statutory. They also check the legal age of youngsters who want to get into the club. These doormen are also required to appoint in a huge crowd area where alcohol consumptions can lead to arguments or where the risk of criminal gang activity is higher.

How to Hire
The hiring procedures require you to look for many traits of a bouncer.

The behaviour is judged which requires an ability to communicate with people in the way that needs less physical intervention. A steady personality plays an important role because it prevents the doormen to be provoked easily by customers. The security personal should have good knowledge of martial art such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to neutralize a fight without injuring the other person.

According to law, the background of a bouncer should be checked carefully to avoid any future calamities.

  • Carefully check the age which should be at least 18 years
  • The mental and physical status require to be stable and positive
  • The doorman has not been involved in intentional crimes
  • A least lower high school diploma
  • He has received a special training to be a bouncer

Today, clubs and bars prefer to consult security service providers to hire a bouncer. These agencies make the process of hiring a bouncer easy. They have a list of well-trained bouncers. Actually they provide bouncer training, so the process of hiring these doormen becomes easy for clubs and bars. You can go online to search bouncers in Delhi, Mumbai or any particular area. The internet is the fastest way to connect with top security agencies in India.

Significance of Background Investigation of Employees And How to Get the Service

background check

The process of background check is much more important in White collar jobs like managerial position because this is a prestigious position in which the selected candidate has access to various confidential files of the company. A leak of important data can lead to a big problem for the company. Background information helps appointing the right candidates.

There are different types of background verification. It totally depends on a company the type of verification it is interested to proceed for.

Verifying Education: This is utmost important for any organization to confirm about the educational qualification of its potential employees. There are cases in which fake certificates are submitted by candidates to get a remarkable in the company and a good hike.

Verifying Work Experience: If the priority of a company is to hire an experienced candidate, it is must to consider verification of previous employment. His/her roles and responsibilities are required to verify.

Screening of Criminal Background: This is necessary to know that the character of a potential employee in order to bring peaceful work environment in the premise. A good character employee plays an important role in the work development. Work harmony is established easily which is beneficial for the organization.

Getting Background Verification
Getting the service is not so difficult in these days. You can outsource it from a vigilance company of your city. They are expert at providing top quality vigilance on many aspects.

Make your search wide over the internet to locate such companies. You may come across many. Compare their services, terms and policies to hire the one that meets to your needs. Ask for quotes from your shortlisted background verification companies but give it a secondary priority. Your first priority should be getting the best service. Analyse the work experience, strength of employment in the company and testimonials to shortlist easily.

Outsourcing the service has many benefits. It will make the process of selection easy for any organization. It saves quality time of companies and save their money because there is no need to form a special team for background verification.

Sukna tragedy – 26 CRPF brave hearts lose their lives, time to learn lessons for both the Center and State Governments and come up with comprehensive, fool proof strategy to combat the menace

Maoist Gerrillas strike and martyr 26 of our brave soldiers in Chattisgarh. While we all mourn their ultimate sacrifice for the Mother Land, it is clear that the Central government and paramilitary forces alone cannot address the problem without critical support on the ground and intelligence from local police. Some thoughts from our Senior Advisor, an intelligence gathering and internal security expert.



It is the worst affected area by Naxal violence.
Naxals deadly opposition to road construction into their forest hideout was known.
Location of CRPF contingent was known.
It was definitely foolhardy to deploy this contingent here regularly.
CRPF commanders should have realized the inherent danger and refused to be deployed in this fashion.
Easy for arm chair analysts to dub this as an intelligence failure…
But ground realities are that deep penetration Int operations not possible given that the Armed Naxal groups are totally isolated from the local villagers.
Their communication channels with their masters sitting miles away in cities and towns difficult to monitor.
UAV photography( UV Imaging)should have revealed presence of Naxals in large numbers in the area.
Was this done ? Not known.
Were IEDs used by Maoists in the ambush ?
The strategy and tactics to counter Naxal violence made by higher ups sitting in MHA in Delhi. Ground level commanders of of CRPF Bns and District Forces deployed here need to be called in to decide SOPs to be followed. This used to be done in the past. Don’t know if the first Joint Central Command Centre for Anti Naxal activities constituted in MHA in 2004 is still functional This Centre used to interact with ground level officers in the 9 affected states.
Why are the human rights activists not condemning such wanton and cowardly acts of Naxals ?
Finally, as an ex police leader I feel we have let our brave men down.
May God give strength to their families to bear their loss with fortitude and RIP to the departed brave policemen 🙏


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