How can a Forensic Expert Help Find the Truth?

Forensic Expert in India

A forensic expert is who intended to solve cases by collecting scientific evidences. While handling criminal cases, these forensic experts play a vital role in representing the truth in an unbiased manner before the court. Such experts are appointed by the government or can be hired privately.
Let’s discover their ways to find out the truth.

Fingerprint Analysis
No two fingerprints are exactly alike. In fact, different people have different fingerprints, so the analysis of fingerprints is very helpful in collecting evidences from the crime area. Fingerprints can be found on practically any solid surface like the tool used to commit the crime, solid articles in the crime area like furniture and the body of the victim. Fingerprints can be traced from soft surfaces like soap, wax and wet paint. So, the forensic team is responsible to carefully examine the crime area to collect fingerprints to nab the real criminal.

Fingerprints are collected from solid areas through photography in high resolution which is called patent prints. The finger marks from soft surface are called latent prints collected by dusting with fingerprint powder. There are several other methods of collecting these prints like Alternate Light Source (ALS) and chemicals. Computerized systems are used to match these prints with potential matches. Sometimes, a small magnifier glass is used to view minute details like counting of the friction ridges.

The DNA analysis was first introduced in 1984. The DNA profile is used to identify the perpetrator. With the advancement of technology, it is now possible to develop DNA profile from smaller to smaller biological samples like blood semen, urine, saliva, hair, teeth, cells and tissue. The DNA samples are obtained from the items could be worn or touched by persons involved in crimes like hats, clothes, underclothes, bedding, toothbrush, cigarettes etc…

The DNA samples are collected for laboratory analysis by people who have pursued a degree program in a forensic science or chemistry.

Apart from DNA and fingerprint analysis, a forensic expert in India is capable to perform Unlenhuth test and maturation to find out the real culprit. The focus is to collect the forensic evidences that can help the court to take the right decision over a case. Criminal cases are highly sensitive. A minor mistake in the forensic report can influence the overall case. So, it is important to hire an expert and experienced forensic expert.

Why & How Hire Bouncer Services

Hire Bouncer Services

Earlier it was the police who used to guard celebrities from mobs. But things have changed these days. Not only pubs and bars but also celebrities start hiring bouncers. It is easy to notice nearly half-a-dozen strongmen guarding celebs. They look alert minded and devoted to protect their owners from all types of adverse situations.

Why Hire Bouncers?
A bouncer is not a person who just flaunts their muscled body and intimidating physique. With his intimidating body and strong muscles he just wants to warn troublemakers. Though, physique plays an important role for a bouncer, he should have good communication skills to solve any matter without violence. It is a wrong notion that bouncers are appointed to throw people out from premises or hit fans when they try to come near celebrities. They are actually trained to never use force to any person but to convince them with communication and the skill of preventing owners without being aggressive…
So, bouncers are those who negotiate situations.

When it comes to bar and pubs, there is a frequent chance of violence. So, these strongmen are appointed to handle any adverse situation that occurs mostly after over drinking. In terms of celebs, it is sometimes hard to control mobs. A team of bouncers work as a shield for celebs to take them out from the situation. People often see these bouncers as a strongman who can apply power. So, celebs find themselves safe among these strong guards.

How to Hire ?
To hire a bouncer service for event, pub and party in Delhi and NCR, go for online search. It is one of the fastest ways to access reputed security service providers of your city. In metropolitan cities like Delhi, many active security service providers are offering bouncers who are well trained in the art guarding. These agencies are responsible to select those people for bouncer who are physical strong, educated and active. The in-house rigorous training is provided to these individuals on how to keep an eye on activities surrounding them and the art of fighting to stop violence without harming anyone.

Pubs, bars and celebs can contact these agencies directly to hire bouncers. They are competent to provide bouncer service for months, days and hours. Online offers you the platform to compare the bouncer services to get the service at the best prices. So, go online to hire these strongmen.

How to Avoid Third Party Risks

due diligence-services

It is always risky to run any kind of business. A wise businessman is who takes every step with full precautions in order to minimize the risks. Third party association is one of the most risky affairs in a business that cannot be taken lightly. An organization needs to be ensured about the performance, work behaviour and financial condition of the third party. It is necessary to get an assurance that the party performance is in compliance with various internal and regulatory requirements.

Let’s discover how to avoid risks associated with the third party.

Cross Check the Information Sharing by the Party
It is necessary to cross check the information sharing by the third party. You have to confirm that whether the shared information is true. It is natural that every company boasts about their performance. Negative aspects are mostly avoided to highlight in the document. Therefore, cross verification is necessary. It will minimize the risks with third parties to a great extent.

Confirm about High Risk Activities
Every business bear risks for growth, but taking high risk could be dangerous. You will have to verify about the third party’s customers. Ensure that the company has not applied for any big amount of loan. Does the company involve in gambling? Keep yourself informed about any big investment of the third party. If potential party is involved with many high risk activities, it’s better to keep yourself away from any type of business association with it.

Credit Analysis
It is too risky to learn that your potential partner’s credit history is poor. Give yourself time to discover the credit history of the party. Perform a credit analysis across its all payment channels and bank service.

Involve in Open Source Research
Sometimes a Google search can yield lots of information. So, start an open source research on Google to learn what people are talking about your potential third-partner. If negative comments are more than positive comments, this is the signal to move out from the association.

Verifying Agreement
Don’t be in hurry to sign the agreement. Take a close glance to the agreement to learn that the third-party has addressed all necessary provisions like using proper company name and termination policies.

Get Due Diligence Services
Due diligence background check service is benefiting a number of firms. You can outsource the service. Due diligence service providers are expert in collecting accurate information. You can ask for custom services that will save your money.

What Does Incorporate in a Security Guard Training Program?

Security Guard Training Program

Do you know how efficient your security guard is?
Do you ever try to evaluate his efficiency?

You rely on your guard in order to find peaceful in-house environment. You have a belief that you are safe because any miscreant would be handled by the guard first.

Practically a guard has a huge responsibility that he follows promptly. Do you ever try to know what makes these security guards efficient? It is their rigorous training. If you have knowledge about such training program, it is possible to appoint an active mind guard for your premises.

Course Duration
It is a short term program which could be of 20 days or 1 month. The training needs physical presence to learn various types of real time actions. However, some online sources too offer security training but it is good for those guards who want to enhance their knowledge. So, make sure that your security officer has gone through practical training.

Content of the Course
In a short span of time, a lot of things are taught that brings personality development, skills to deal with situations and gets confidence. The very first knowledge is given about the law of private security agency. It helps to learn responsibilities and ethics to follow by keeping the law of private security in mind. Personality is developed by letting them know about how to wear uniform and maintain physical fitness. The training incorporates how to take real time actions during situations like fire and accident. First-aid knowledge is provided. Before the fire fight team comes, how to handle fire is taught under the course. The guard is trained to handle IEDs (improvised explosive device) also. Physical fight training is provided to calm down the fighting situation with using physical force but without hurting anyone. Basic knowledge of criminal law is also imparted. How to perform rescue operation and defensive driving are also incorporated. Some basic conversation in English is the part of personality development.

An armed security guard gets knowledge of security equipment and how to use them. Knowledge of handling of NPB (non-prohibited Bore) weapons is also provided.

Now, you can understand that how rigorous the training is. It is capable to make a common individual into one of the most trustable person to maintain safe environment. Before appointing a security guard, you can confirm that the person has undergone the training from reputed security guard companies in Delhi. This is how you can hire a reliable security officer.

Why Hire a Private Security Agency?

security agency in Delhi

A private security agency provides security to your businesses, homes, assets and even you. Many effective, powerful and professional people work in the field. The future of personal security business is bright because the demand of private security is growing continuously in almost every nation including USA, UK, China and India.


The article tells about the situations when can think of taking help from a Security Agency in Delhi.

Corporate Safety

When it comes to safety of your office premises, the only way you have to go is hiring of private security guards. Though, public security system is active, public safety officers cannot be in a place in real time. So, you cannot entirely depend on public security for the safety of your office. Corporate security guards are trained to provide high quality safety to offices by keeping CCTV surveillance, coordinating through walky-talky and effective time management by distributing work among guards.

Safety of Homes

Your home could turn to be one of the safest places in the globe by appointing personal guard service. Effective surveillance facilities are offered for home owners too. You can protect your home from strangers by appoint top level security guards. The service will be provided 24 hours. It is the responsibility of the agency to manage round the clock safety.

Bodyguard Service

No matter who you are whether a celebrity of a common people, your body will be protected by bodyguards. They are those trained people who keep you safe from bodily harm. In case, you have security threats, the bodyguard service is for you. It will be offered as per your choice. It means you can feel flexible to get the service for the time period you want and hire more than one bodyguard at a time.

Prompt Safety Services

The type of service is offered for a short period of time. While organizing any event like dance show, orchestra, celebrity show and wedding, the prompt safety service can be requested from such agencies. They instantly provide the service. The guards dealing with prompt safety services are expert in handling crowds. They make sure that the environment of the event goes smoothly.

Safety Services for Celebrities

Celebrities often face trouble to handle crowd alone. They often take help from privacy security agencies to hire personal security officers or bodyguards. These bodyguards are specialized in providing top level security to celebs. They are alert and prompt about their services.

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