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Why Conduct Premarital Investigation?
Do you buy a new car without investigating its features? Do you admit your kid to a school without knowing its background? If no, then why turn a blind eye when it comes to marriage. It is a lifetime commitment with a stranger. Without investigating the background of your potential partner, you can risk your life. It may possible that your potential partner is lying about his/her career, education, relationship or property.

Humankind has nature to reveal positive aspects about their lives but they hide negative things related to them. It may possible that your potential partner is hiding something that can influence your relationship and your marriage could hit a rough patch. Therefore, pre marital investigation is required to conduct and it is conducted private detective agencies. They are proficient in the field. Your parents and relatives can do some inquiry about your potential partner but they could not perform the task as efficiently as a detective can do. Getting informed about one’s career and individual life is not easy. It involves in-depth inquiry of the following person without letting him/her know about it. Only professional detective agencies can do this.

Who can Conduct Pre-Marital Investigation services?
Browse online to search top private detective agencies in your area. You may ask your friends or closer ones also but the best way is to search online. Hiring of these agencies is based on evaluating their work experience, on time service and service packages. Online gives you the platform to come across multiple detective agencies. You can compare their services, experience and packages to choose the right one.

The service package is basically depended on the information you want to get. A professional premarital detective agency offers a standard package that includes complete investigation.

  • Behaviour of the Potential partner (smoking, drug or alcohol addiction if any
  • Investigating career (finding the person’s career history and present history if any)
  • Educational related investigation (finding and matching the education which has been described by the potential partner)
  • Investigating relationship (finding the affair if any)

Discuss with the agency about what information you want to collect. Make sure you are getting customized services so that maximum satisfaction can be gained. The licensed private investigation companies ensure to offer the best service in the given time and they maintain privacy at the same time.

5 Best Reasons to Appoint Private Investigators

Private Investigators

A private investigator is appointed for several reasons. It could be personal, official, legal and criminal investigation when you can hire a private detective. They play an important role in resolving matters by collecting the facts. These private investigation companies are active, vigilant and specialized in their services. Let’s know about the tops reasons to hire private investigators in Delhi or your city.

A licensed private detective is who has got training from a recognized training centre for theft and fraud investigation. During training they come to know about the tricks and techniques that are not aware by the average person. They learn the art of focusing on small to small clues, studying the body language of the people and their possible motives. So, the rigorous training makes them professional in their job.

A licensed private investigator has earned excellent experience in his field. Experience makes them as a specialist to find case relevant evidences and clues to make your legal process strong. Their experiences manage to uncover the truth in a short period of time. So, experience plays an important role.

Legal Knowledge
The licensed investigators have good understanding of legal process and allowed to do as far as surveillance. They know the evidences that can make a case strong and help to win the case.

Work on Several Fields
There are cases in which you cannot take help of police or government investigators like divorce settlement, child custody, office foul play, partner cheating, pre and post marital. In these cases you can think of hiring a personal investigation team. It helps to find out the truth regardless of the case sensitivity. You can hire these detectives to resolve fraud and criminal cases too.

Help Find Accurate Information
These detectives help to collect the information which is useful, valuable and truthful. Agencies know their job responsibilities and their competitive market. So, they try their best to collect accurate information which can help you. Evidences are collected from various sources including physical, web and high technology detective tools in order to maintain top accuracy.

Work on Time
When it comes to detect the truth behind an incident, you don’t want to wait much. Therefore, private investigation companies are bound to tackle a case timely. A time frame is set to collect evidences.
Hire a reliable, professional and experienced private detective agency to find the best help for your problem.

Asset Location Services on Divorce Settlement

Asset Location Services on Divorce Settlement

Divorce itself is a bad state but matters can be worst when one partner is seemingly withholding assets or not ready to disclose his/her assets. Unfortunately, the act of hiding assets in divorce cases is on rise these days. Even if there is a remote chance of hiding property by your partner, consult a reputed private investigating company.

When a couple divorces they often go through the process of dividing up the property like cars, money and even the debts. The property is generally divided equally between the spouses, but the separate property is not divided. Separate property is that property which is acquired before the marriage. Non-marital goods are not divided. It is the asset acquired by a spouse as an inheritance. But an inheritance can be marital property if it is supporting the marriage like a rental property from which the couple is paying off their expenses. So, during divorce, you will have to confirm whether your partner is hiding assets from you or the following property can be divided.

Role of Private Investigators
Private investigators help you locate the property you might unaware of your partner. It helps you get the records of various details which are helpful in asset settlement during legal proceedings. The investigation team helps locate a great number of items under your spouse’s name like business, accounts, real estate and vehicles. You can claim to get equal right on them if you have proper proof of these properties. Therefore, a private investigation team is appointed. They provide real time service where you come to know about the property of your partner without getting delay. All necessary documents are collected to make your case strong. Your partner can be left with no option to hide the claimed property.

Getting Asset Location Services
It is all about getting private investigation services. You can take help of your friends or closer ones to hire a property location service provider or can go for self-search. Choose the internet to locate such service providers in your country or state or city. Synchronize your search by writing the right search terms like asset location services in India. You may easily come to know many active private investigators of your city. Among them shortlist the one that is rated by customers and have years of experience in the same field. The secondary thing to notice is the service packages they are offering. Talk to the agency about what you want so that the service can be tailored accordingly.

All You Want to Know about Skip Tracing

 skip trace investigation

The term ‘skip tracing‘ is used for all about locating or tracing the whereabouts of someone who has left town, often for the purpose of debt collection. An experienced private investigator team is appointed to locate the targeted person’s present contact details with the help of various resources. They use the term POI for the targeted person which is known as the person of interest.

Why do only Private Investigators Hire for Skip Trace?
People who are subject of a skip trace investigation always like to be untraced. Private investigators trace the POI on your behalf. Real time service is provided. There are several cases in which police have failed to trace the particular person but private investigators have achieved success.

A private investigation team looks for people for various reasons under skip trace. You can hire them when:

  • Looking for important witnesses for attorneys
  • Missing heirs to estates
  • Defendants who has not appeared in the court
  • Subjects of legal proceedings who has to serve with court papers
  • Tracing people who have skipped bail
  • Debtors who have defaulted
  • Those who have not paid to a business for the services they received

What information is collected under skip tracing services?
The prime goal of the service is to trace the current location of the POI. A record is prepared by the investigation team which helps to trace the targeted person easily. The investigator is responsible to act quickly to find out the current address, place of work, the recent phone number, and evidences verify the correct address. The private investigator is responsible to provide the service in real time so that the person can be traceable quickly.

What is the cost of skip tracing services?
Cost can vary depending on cases. You cannot assume that your case will cost you more or will be affordable. Factors like the amount of information you want, whether the POI is actively hiding and the background of the POI play a big role in deciding the service cost. For example, a homeless person who doesn’t want to be traced can be hard to track down the real address. On the contrary, a debtor with a fixed address is easily traceable. So the amount of effort put on tracing also influences the pricing of the service.

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