Security is also Needed To

1) To investigate any intruder into the premises.
2) Answer alarms and investigate disturbances.
3) Monitor entrance and departure of employees, visitors, and other person.
4) Answer telephone calls and deliver messages wherever necessary, to monitor the security alarms and security systems.
5) To make a note of all incoming and outgoing materials of the factory, residence or any other place where deployed..
6) Reporting of any loss or damage to the company’s property. They should have all the important nos with them whom basically need to be contacted in case of emergencies.
7)Patrolling of industrial and commercial premises and to prevent and detect signs of intrusion and ensure security of all doors, windows, and gates. , they alson answer alarms and investigate disturbances they monitor and authorize entrance and departure of employees, visitors, and other persons to guard against theft and maintain security of premises and other places where deployed.
8) It is very mandatory that its our duty to look into the safety of our women whom are mostly working women , where they come two and fro from call centres.
9) The security guard should be well versed with the do and do not of his other units wherein
10) There should be a rotation of the security guards every 6 months, according to the clients view.

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Major Skill Set and Ability of PSOs

The harsh reality is that it’s a dangerous world we live in these days. We live in a world of threats. Threats are out there in many shapes and forms. Those threats might be targeted towards an individual and their families, the group or company the person is representing, or that he or she might merely in the wrong place at the wrong time. People who are in the spotlight can hardly make a move without attracting attention and some of that attention does not have the best of intention.

That is why the demand for Personal Security Officer (PSO), armed / unarmed.

PSOs have the skill set and ability to perform their duties, which are majorly four – Observe, Detect, Deter and Report Also they have the ability to focus on and operate with constantly threat profiles and locations.

PSOs have one and only one central objective to the client – the prevention of crime/Protecting from threats i.e. from Business opponents, Robbers, Kidnapers, Stalkers or over-enthusiastic fans. Escorting the client to Office / different meetings and other activities he/she has to attend and then to escort he/she back to residence safely. On the way or at the venue of the meeting/event, if any changes in circumstances detected that could pose a threat to him/her, respond to those threats and situations rapidly and effectively to protect him/her by first protecting physically and then removing from harm’s way.

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Importance of Verifying your Guards and other critical Staff

While we rely heavily on security agencies and guards employed by them to protect us, our loved ones and our assets, we should take a minute to ponder over the need to know where a person is coming from, what his past social and professional history is?

Every week there are numerous stories in the media about crimes committed with the connivance or actual involvement of these guards themselves. The lure of a fast life, access to information and physical property coupled with a hitherto weak tracking system of known criminals either at the centre or state government levels, makes us highly vulnerable to being victims of such crimes.

It is in our best interest to make sure Security guards are hired only from a licensed company that adheres to strict procedures when it comes to verification.

We at Proman believe in giving our customers a holistic security solution for full peace of mind. This is the reason we rely not only on verification procedures laid down under the Private Security Agency Regulation (PSAR) Act, 2009 but also use a combination of technology and additional physical checks to ensure we know enough about the individual who is entrusted with keeping our clients safe and secure.

We do this in the following ways:

1. Engaging third party agencies to do a physical check of the candidates
local and domicile address
2. Sending a physical communication to their place of permanent residence
3. Sending a separate antecedent verification form to the local
sarpanch/Superintendent of Police to verify the character of the said individual

Next time you go about making the important decision of hiring a security guard company, besides understanding their training, operations, client aad management profiles, we strongly urge you to understand in detail their recruitment and verification system.

A little time spent ahead of time may lead to a lasting and meaningful professional relationship with little room for any untoward incidents in the future. We firmly believe security is one aspect where one should refrain from pursuing an L1(lowest cost) approach.

Remember, when it comes to securing our lives and properties no price is large enough!

Why Hire Team Proman to Conduct a Pre Matrimonial Investigation

We are a professional company offering discreet background check services anywhere in India. Our checks and reports are comprehensive covering all aspects of an individual and her family’s social, professional and financial standing. While verifying past educational records, present and previous employment history are fairly simple routine tasks which may be completed by anyone with decent communication skills, often even on the phone or electronically. Gathering information and taking a call on the individual and family’s “risk” profile is often an art requiring training and experience that requires taking a call using judgment and experience of carrying out detailed investigations and surveillance across a wide spectrum of cases. All our operatives and report writers have decades of experience compiling such information and then sifting through it and presenting the most important parts of it to our clients.

The following areas are covered in our Pre matrimonial background checks:

  1. Detailed inquiry into character – nature, demeanor and behaviour of the individual
  2. Social reputation – any hobbies, friends’ circles, any known vices like smoking, drinking etc
  3. Professional reputation – time with current employer, feedback on professional knowledge, skills and prospects
  1. Any present or past alliances and relationships
  2. Detailed investigation into the standing and position of the family concerned, including extended family, brothers, sisters and in laws of siblings
  3. Reputation amongst the domestic and office staff
  4. Financial standing including any knows issues with debt
  5. Any ongoing or past police or legal cases against the individual

We set ourselves apart from other companies in this space in the following ways:

  1. We use decades of intelligence gathering experience and expertise to maintain strictest confidentiality and restrain at all times. We understand how important and sensitive these tasks are to all concerned
  2. We believe in maintaining utmost secrecy during all our operations
  3. Our investigations are monitored by senior officers of elite intelligence gathering organizations of the Government of India (MHA) and State Police, Intelligence wings
  4. All our operative has several decades of running covert and complex operations carrying our surveillance, following and gathering deep intelligence regarding
  5. We are able to tap into the vast network of resources and “assets” our operatives have created at all levels in the Government and allied agencies to get to the bottom of the desired information

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