6 Ways to Conduct A Background Check Before Getting Married

pre marriage screening

Gone are the days when marriages were believed as destiny of boys and girls. The family and the relatives used to organize arranged marriages by conducting some shorts of investigation. In today’s society to find the best match people often take help of online or bureaus.

The word of mouth seems insufficient to know one’s character until a proper investigation is done on the person. It may possible that the potential partner is lying about his or her financial position. Extra-marital affair can be possible. The family background is not so good. There are lots of possibilities. So, it is utmost necessary to conduct a background check before getting married.
Take a Look at the foolproof ways to attempt a proper pre-marriage background check.

Hire a Detective Agency
This is the foremost suggestion to apply. There are over 15,000 detective agencies in India, conducting several different types of investigations. India has seen an unexpected level of rise in pre-matrimonial investigation. A professional detective agency provides customized pre-matrimonial background check in which you can request the agency to conduct the background check that you feel necessary like financial position, character, past history or family background. The agency is capable to collect all types of valuable information you need. This is indeed one of the most reliable ways to do background check of your potential partner.

Social Networking Sites
Do some self-investigation. For which you don’t need to go so far. Take out some time to browse social networking sites to extract lots of details on the following partner. Social media allows users to go through one’s profile to check status, updates, friend circle etc… These sites can be helpful to gather some useful information about the potential partner.

To check a person’s online footprints, Google his/her name or email ID. Go through the websites the person is active on and the kind of comments they have posted. Besides social networking sites, there are other websites too to gather information about an individual.

Taking Help from Social Circles
The world is so compact. You can find some people who know your prospective match well. Talk about the person socially. It may possible anyone knows about him/her.

Enquiries from the Workplace
Though, it may sound awkward but you can detect about the prospective partner’s character, designation and income from his/her workplace in a form of general enquiries.

Some Crazy Ideas
It is hard to tell that the crazy ideas work or not, so, try them at your own risk.
Honeytrap is one of the wacky ideas to try. In this, create a fake social networking profile and send a friend request to him. Wait to see the response. Does the potential partner accept your friend request? If it is accepted, you can know about him much. Make flirt to know his response. It can give a clear idea of what kind of a person he is.

Never to Ignore Pre-Employment Background Screenings

pre-employment screening

Background checks are often requested by employers for their intended employees to typically find out their credit history, past employment history and criminal history. The verification verifies the accuracy of an applicant’s claim. It is requested to especially on candidates seeking a position that needs a higher level of trust & security like office managers, militants, researchers, scientists, doctors etc… The purpose of pre-employment screening is related to hiring of the right candidate.

Below are types of check or verification that a pre-employment screening involves.

Academic Verification
It is one of the most common verification. The employee’s claim and the collected academic record of the employee are matched to find out that every provided detail related to education is proper and right. The verification tries to find out the provided documents provided no false. Bad academic records like fail history and gaps in education are also tried to discover through the screening.

Employment History
The claim of employment history and self-investigated employment history are matched to know their similarity. If the given and investigated details are mismatched, the employment process is detained. Under this history, investigation team tries to find out gaps in the employment, reason for leaving the previous jobs, employee character, work history, work experience, appreciations, promotions etc… The verification helps companies to hire a dominated, intelligent and creative mind worker.

Address Verification
The investigation purpose is to know whether the claimed address is right or wrong. It generally involves the candidate’s present and previous addresses. The type of verification helps companies to know the person personal identity closely like citizenship, immigration or legal issues.
Criminal Investigation

Every company wants to hire candidates with clean history. Hiring an employee with criminal history can be dangerous for an office environment. It can influence the overall development of the firm. Therefore, criminal investigation is followed where the candidate’s criminal history is checked or verified. If the candidate has a past history of legal issues related to criminal activities, they are verified clearly.

Who works behind the company to find out the pre-employment history of a potential employee? They are Expert Background Verification companies in Delhi NCR. They help to investigate personal and professional details of candidates to shorten the interview methods. The purpose of an investigation company is to make your hiring process fast, simple and systematic. Fees of investigation are based on the information you want. Banks, hospitals, medical, IT and MNCs, all can hire a background investigation company.

Significance of Background Investigation of Employees And How to Get the Service

background check

The process of background check is much more important in White collar jobs like managerial position because this is a prestigious position in which the selected candidate has access to various confidential files of the company. A leak of important data can lead to a big problem for the company. Background information helps appointing the right candidates.

There are different types of background verification. It totally depends on a company the type of verification it is interested to proceed for.

Verifying Education: This is utmost important for any organization to confirm about the educational qualification of its potential employees. There are cases in which fake certificates are submitted by candidates to get a remarkable in the company and a good hike.

Verifying Work Experience: If the priority of a company is to hire an experienced candidate, it is must to consider verification of previous employment. His/her roles and responsibilities are required to verify.

Screening of Criminal Background: This is necessary to know that the character of a potential employee in order to bring peaceful work environment in the premise. A good character employee plays an important role in the work development. Work harmony is established easily which is beneficial for the organization.

Getting Background Verification
Getting the service is not so difficult in these days. You can outsource it from a vigilance company of your city. They are expert at providing top quality vigilance on many aspects.

Make your search wide over the internet to locate such companies. You may come across many. Compare their services, terms and policies to hire the one that meets to your needs. Ask for quotes from your shortlisted background verification companies but give it a secondary priority. Your first priority should be getting the best service. Analyse the work experience, strength of employment in the company and testimonials to shortlist easily.

Outsourcing the service has many benefits. It will make the process of selection easy for any organization. It saves quality time of companies and save their money because there is no need to form a special team for background verification.

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