Major Skill Set and Ability of PSOs

The harsh reality is that it’s a dangerous world we live in these days. We live in a world of threats. Threats are out there in many shapes and forms. Those threats might be targeted towards an individual and their families, the group or company the person is representing, or that he or she might merely in the wrong place at the wrong time. People who are in the spotlight can hardly make a move without attracting attention and some of that attention does not have the best of intention.

That is why the demand for Personal Security Officer (PSO), armed / unarmed.

PSOs have the skill set and ability to perform their duties, which are majorly four – Observe, Detect, Deter and Report Also they have the ability to focus on and operate with constantly threat profiles and locations.

PSOs have one and only one central objective to the client – the prevention of crime/Protecting from threats i.e. from Business opponents, Robbers, Kidnapers, Stalkers or over-enthusiastic fans. Escorting the client to Office / different meetings and other activities he/she has to attend and then to escort he/she back to residence safely. On the way or at the venue of the meeting/event, if any changes in circumstances detected that could pose a threat to him/her, respond to those threats and situations rapidly and effectively to protect him/her by first protecting physically and then removing from harm’s way.

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Why & How Hire Personal Security Officers?

PSO in Delhi

The one who is ready to stake even his life to prevent you is best known as a personal security officer or PSO in short. These officers receive a special training for getting higher interpersonal skills. Actually, a PSO gets training to dedicate himself towards his master who hires him and is bound to protect the master at any cost. He is always with his master like the nails stick to fingers. If any adverse situation comes, it is your PSO who deals it first. There are many situations when you can hire a personal security officer in Delhi or from your area.

Risk of Being Killed
PSOs can be hired in the situation when you have doubt that your life is at risks. A personal security officer is well trained to detect suspicious activities surrounding you and provides safety at real time.

Risk of Being Robbed
A PSO is hired when you feel unsecure about your treasures. The officer will be with you all time to protect your assets from burglars.

Risk of Being Kidnapped
The cases of kidnapping are on rise in India. A personal guard can be appointed for the person your family whom you think can be kidnapped. Thus, you can put the family member in a secure environment.

Celeb Personal Officers
PSOs are well trained to become a personal bodyguard for celebrities. They can be hired to deal with crowds and provide protection against any uncontrollable situations like live concerts.

Hiring for Self-Security
Elite people often like personal bodyguards to stay protective all time. These officers can be appointed for a long period to offer personal security.

Hiring of PSOs
Consult a reputed security agency to hire a PSO. Make sure the agency you tend to hire has years of experience in the field and offers comprehensive training to its personal guards. Before hiring a PSO for a long period, it is wise to evaluate his credibility and skills.

One can hire either armed or unarmed personal security officers. It is depended on your personal choice and necessity. Both armed and unarmed personal guards have the skill to fight and stay alert. They are well uniformed and maintained disciplines. Make sure all the important qualities of being a personal guard are available in your PSO. A trustable security consultancy like Proman Securitech provides comprehensive training to security guards.

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