Hiring Security Guards for Safety of Your Resident : Who & How

When it comes to the security of your home in cities like Delhi NCR, you want to leave no stone unturned. Your focus is to hire a reliable guard to take care of your property as well as family members. In the process of hiring a security guard, what is your priority? There are lots of factors to consider when hiring a security guard. On the basis of just two or three factors, you can’t hire a guard.

Who to Hire
Candidates with a clean background– This is the most common factor not to avoid. You can’t skip it. Find out the previous work status of the guard. If the prospective guard has been warned for his misbehavior and carelessness, you will need to think of others. Find out any criminal history. don’t forget to check his home address and personal address. If the background seems clean, pass the guard for other verification.

Candidates with good interpersonal skills– Your guard should be active enough to interact with others. He should be representable, clean and professional. The skills of your guard keep visitors happy. You find a safe environment in the home.

Evaluate the Habits– Every man has some bad and good qualities, but there are some bad habits which cannot be ignored. When it comes to hiring a security guard, the service requires a man with no bad habits of drinking and no addiction to any type of drug. In foreign countries, guards have to undergo for drug screen test to evaluate their addiction if any. In countries like India, the facility is not available for hiring guards. You can come to know about the bad habits of guards by evaluating their history and background investigation.

How to Hire
There are three ways to hire a security guard.

Hire on Your Own
You can give ads in the newspaper and online to hire a security guard on your own. It will be a time taking process. You will have to do a personal inquiry of the guard background and work experience.

Hire from Security Training Schools
A security training school can help you hire a security guard quickly, but the downside is that only newly experienced security officers can be hired from these schools.

Hire from Security Service Providers
This is one of the best ways to hire a guard. A security agency is the agency specialized in providing experienced and freshers. The agency is itself responsible to hire security officers for your resident. Background verification, key skills, and behavior are judged by the agency itself. You can hire such agency online. Select the best guard service in Gurgaon by evaluating the agency performance, work experience, and quotes.

5 Solid Reasons for Hiring Security Guards for Schools in Delhi and NCR

Do you think today’s schools are safe, especially schools of Delhi NCR? In the recent years, there were many school-related crimes noted in the NCR that rocked the city and the whole nation. Now, parents have a kind of fear in their mind and they are forced to think that today’s schools are safe. Even after CCTV cameras in every corner of the school, crime incidents are taking place. So, you can say that CCTV cameras are not failed to make the school premise safe. These education centers need robust security so, appointing security persons in the school is an ideal plan. Presence of guards in every sensitive part of the school can curb or eliminate crime.

Human Presence is Much Effective than CCTV Cameras
Today’s schools are well equipped with CCTV cameras. Do you think the approach is enough to make the school environment safe? Today’s kids are smart to beat technology. It is also tough to keep an eye on activities of every corner with the help of CCTV. If schools appoint security professionals, it could be possible to make the premise safer. Security officers can be appointed near washrooms, swimming pool, and the ground.

Help Maintain School Reputation
It takes several years to build a neat and clean image. One bad incident can spoil the best image of a school in just a few minutes. It can increase the anxiety of parents and they may plan to admit their kids to somewhere else. As you know today’s digital media is so active. It doesn’t take less than an hour to spoil the reputation of a school.

Encourage to Give Safe & Happy Environment
A Respected Security Guard Company in Gurgaon offers to hire those security personals who are well-trained. They know the art of handling scuffles without harming others. They get training to keep an eye on their surroundings. So, the appointment of security guards in the school’s sensitive areas will encourage a safe and happy environment.

Set a Layer of Security in the Entry Gate
Your school should have a special security arrangement in the entry gate to stop entry of unknown persons. They play a major role in unwanted incidents in the school campus. Appointing more than one security in the entry gate can make the campus safer.

Manage Students during Entry, Break & Leave Timing
Managing students during entry, break and leave time is not an easy task. The responsibility cannot be shifted entirely on teachers. Appointment of security officers can make management of children easy.

Effortless Ways to Hire a Security Guard in Gurgaon

The millennium city, Gurgaon, is growing leaps and bounds. Every year, the city is seeing growth in form of construction, retailing and businesses. All these sectors need all types of facilities including water, cleaning and security. The demand of security guards has been increasing in the city for the last 10 years. Be it small or big offices, retail houses and buildings, all want to appoint private security guards to keep their premises safe and sound. So, the question is how to hire a security guard in Gurgaon? There are various ways, but we are telling you the most effective and practically practiced ways to look for the best security services.

No Referrals, Contact a Professional Security Agency
Some people believe in references from friends and colleagues to hire a security guard. It should be avoided because a security guard plays an important in the safety of your office or house. Such guard should be hired after complete verification that includes his history, any criminal record, family history, qualification and training. A professional security service provider of the city can help you much in this context. The agency goes through every detail of the person who wanted to be a security guard. It provides in-house training to the person. So, a well-managed private security services in Gurgaon offers reliable security officers. You don’t need to spend your time to watch the guard’s behaviour, history and other details. You can rely on the person for the safety of your premise.

Go for Online Search to Locate Agency
Gone are the days when newspaper ads play an important role. These days, advanced and sincere security agencies in NCR have their own online portals to tell more their services. So, browse online to locate a respected agency of the city. Go through their details and ask for the service quotes to get the service at the best prices.

Hire from a Well-Established Security Agency
Your security officer should be hired from a well-established agency. It means when you browse online, select the agency not just the basis of their quotes but also the basis of their experience. A well-established agency is usually dominated to provide the best service. So, you have the chance get the security services from a well –trained security guard.

Why Security Guards from A Security Agency are the Best?

When it comes to hire a security guard to keep your premises safe, what will you do? There are primarily two ways to hire a security officer. You can give an ad to the newspaper or consult a security agency. Ideally, hiring an independent security guard is not safe. Consulting a security agency is an ideal way. In this write-up, you will come to know about why hire security guards from a professional private security agency.

Tend to Hire a Reliable Guard
These agencies are committed to make their services better and for this, getting reliance of customers is their prime priority. When a person is selected for a guarding service, he has to go through several selection parameters. His work history is checked. His criminal history is also checked if any. The person is interviewed to know their skills and cognition. The Adhar Card and Voting Card details are checked. Cross verification takes place. Once, the agency is all sure about the person’s behaviour and history, he becomes a part of the agency. Can you do the verification on your own? It is will be time consuming for you but the agency is expert in it. When you hire a security officer from an agency, you have a kind of faith in the security officer.

Hire a Well-Trained Guard
Mental and physical abilities play an important role for any guard. He should be active and physically fit. At the same time, he should be mentally strong to tackle an adverse situation cleverly and boldly. These qualities are earned during a training program conducted by the security agency. A Reliable security guards service in Gurgaon, Haryana is dominated to provide full-time training to the selected candidates. A rigorous training teaches them to give value to time and how to tackle any adverse situation smartly. When you hire an independent guard, you are not sure that whether he has received any training. But an agency will give you an assurance of hiring a well-trained security officer.

Instant Service
When you are associated with a security agency, you will get on time services. This is one of the major advantages. In case, you need a security guard for a short time, it will be provided by the agency. So, you have flexibility along with the opportunity to get an instant service.

Security Services in Gurgaon

Proman Securitech has security guards that are licensed, insured, and certified. We thoroughly screen every security professional to the highest industry standards and to ensure compliance with state regulations. Verified and trained to protect homes and offices in and around Gurgaon.

We observe that our security guards are completely aware of the rules and regulations,so that they could easily identify any criminal doing and prevent grave consequences. Our working image revolves around the concept and to the total satisfaction of our Clients ,and undertake the responsibility, and assignment entrusted to us.

Proman Securitech would undertake the responsibility and assignment and execute the same to the entire satisfaction of our clients; we look forward to challenging assignments.

We have in practice and follow the 3 mandatory steps i.e

  • 1st step: Initial Screening of documents education certificates, medical report police verification.
  • 2nd Step: Sourcing of recruitment and recruitment procedures.
  • 3rd step: Basic training which is done in our training centre.

We define ourselves as the most rapidly growing organization in this manned industry, offering our comprehensive services anywhere whether a residence, club, factory, hospital, banquet hall, hotels, schools, etc.

Our Security is the most trusted agency, whom you can without hesitation build trust on us for your protection.

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How to go about choosing a Professional Security Guard Company in Noida/Greater Noida?

Not all security companies are alike. Companies differ in size, experience, geographical presence, infrastructure, managerial expertise, existing clients and professional and government affiliations and licensing. It is also true that no two entities(clients) have the same requirement when it comes to hiring a security services provider. Security is a critical function and we need to trust our security personnel with access to key business assets, both physical and digital.

A security company becomes a key part of our own business continuity and planning. It is therefore imperative to do some homework and a fair amount of due diligence when choosing a security service partner.

Some key factors to consider when making this important decision are:

1. Management of the Security company – professionals with proven track record in areas of policing, law enforcement, training, and other areas of man management tend to be better equipped to handle different contingencies
2. Training facility weather self owned or outsourced – a stringent training arrangement either in house or outsources is essential to ensure duty standards are maintained
3. Recruitment system – weather the company has a clearly defined and stringent system adhering to physical, educational standards
4. Client roster – check if the agency has handled clients in similar geographies and areas of business
5. Operations systems and checklists – ask the company to present their system of handling routine checks of client sites and their escalation system in case of any tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 occurrences. This system should be well defined and known to the entire Management chain of the Agency
6. Reference checks – it is critical to speak to the top level people at Agency’s clients to ensure that they have had no issues with the agency in the past
7. Do not look for L1 Services – security means dealing with men and often difficult circumstances that arise in our day to day business operations. Security is one area where one should not look for lowest bidder wins approach. It is our responsibility as clients to ensure that the people performing
8. Bigger is not always better – while large companies have certain advantages, they also have a tiered management structure. If quick response and constant communication is our objective we should look at a smaller company which is able to attend to our day to day issues in a satisfactory manner in real time.

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Security is also Needed To

1) To investigate any intruder into the premises.
2) Answer alarms and investigate disturbances.
3) Monitor entrance and departure of employees, visitors, and other person.
4) Answer telephone calls and deliver messages wherever necessary, to monitor the security alarms and security systems.
5) To make a note of all incoming and outgoing materials of the factory, residence or any other place where deployed..
6) Reporting of any loss or damage to the company’s property. They should have all the important nos with them whom basically need to be contacted in case of emergencies.
7)Patrolling of industrial and commercial premises and to prevent and detect signs of intrusion and ensure security of all doors, windows, and gates. , they alson answer alarms and investigate disturbances they monitor and authorize entrance and departure of employees, visitors, and other persons to guard against theft and maintain security of premises and other places where deployed.
8) It is very mandatory that its our duty to look into the safety of our women whom are mostly working women , where they come two and fro from call centres.
9) The security guard should be well versed with the do and do not of his other units wherein
10) There should be a rotation of the security guards every 6 months, according to the clients view.

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Importance of Verifying your Guards and other critical Staff

While we rely heavily on security agencies and guards employed by them to protect us, our loved ones and our assets, we should take a minute to ponder over the need to know where a person is coming from, what his past social and professional history is?

Every week there are numerous stories in the media about crimes committed with the connivance or actual involvement of these guards themselves. The lure of a fast life, access to information and physical property coupled with a hitherto weak tracking system of known criminals either at the centre or state government levels, makes us highly vulnerable to being victims of such crimes.

It is in our best interest to make sure Security guards are hired only from a licensed company that adheres to strict procedures when it comes to verification.

We at Proman believe in giving our customers a holistic security solution for full peace of mind. This is the reason we rely not only on verification procedures laid down under the Private Security Agency Regulation (PSAR) Act, 2009 but also use a combination of technology and additional physical checks to ensure we know enough about the individual who is entrusted with keeping our clients safe and secure.

We do this in the following ways:

1. Engaging third party agencies to do a physical check of the candidates
local and domicile address
2. Sending a physical communication to their place of permanent residence
3. Sending a separate antecedent verification form to the local
sarpanch/Superintendent of Police to verify the character of the said individual

Next time you go about making the important decision of hiring a security guard company, besides understanding their training, operations, client aad management profiles, we strongly urge you to understand in detail their recruitment and verification system.

A little time spent ahead of time may lead to a lasting and meaningful professional relationship with little room for any untoward incidents in the future. We firmly believe security is one aspect where one should refrain from pursuing an L1(lowest cost) approach.

Remember, when it comes to securing our lives and properties no price is large enough!

What Does Incorporate in a Security Guard Training Program?

Security Guard Training Program

Do you know how efficient your security guard is?
Do you ever try to evaluate his efficiency?

You rely on your guard in order to find peaceful in-house environment. You have a belief that you are safe because any miscreant would be handled by the guard first.

Practically a guard has a huge responsibility that he follows promptly. Do you ever try to know what makes these security guards efficient? It is their rigorous training. If you have knowledge about such training program, it is possible to appoint an active mind guard for your premises.

Course Duration
It is a short term program which could be of 20 days or 1 month. The training needs physical presence to learn various types of real time actions. However, some online sources too offer security training but it is good for those guards who want to enhance their knowledge. So, make sure that your security officer has gone through practical training.

Content of the Course
In a short span of time, a lot of things are taught that brings personality development, skills to deal with situations and gets confidence. The very first knowledge is given about the law of private security agency. It helps to learn responsibilities and ethics to follow by keeping the law of private security in mind. Personality is developed by letting them know about how to wear uniform and maintain physical fitness. The training incorporates how to take real time actions during situations like fire and accident. First-aid knowledge is provided. Before the fire fight team comes, how to handle fire is taught under the course. The guard is trained to handle IEDs (improvised explosive device) also. Physical fight training is provided to calm down the fighting situation with using physical force but without hurting anyone. Basic knowledge of criminal law is also imparted. How to perform rescue operation and defensive driving are also incorporated. Some basic conversation in English is the part of personality development.

An armed security guard gets knowledge of security equipment and how to use them. Knowledge of handling of NPB (non-prohibited Bore) weapons is also provided.

Now, you can understand that how rigorous the training is. It is capable to make a common individual into one of the most trustable person to maintain safe environment. Before appointing a security guard, you can confirm that the person has undergone the training from reputed security guard companies in Delhi. This is how you can hire a reliable security officer.

Why Hire a Private Security Agency?

security agency in Delhi

A private security agency provides security to your businesses, homes, assets and even you. Many effective, powerful and professional people work in the field. The future of personal security business is bright because the demand of private security is growing continuously in almost every nation including USA, UK, China and India.


The article tells about the situations when can think of taking help from a Security Agency in Delhi.

Corporate Safety

When it comes to safety of your office premises, the only way you have to go is hiring of private security guards. Though, public security system is active, public safety officers cannot be in a place in real time. So, you cannot entirely depend on public security for the safety of your office. Corporate security guards are trained to provide high quality safety to offices by keeping CCTV surveillance, coordinating through walky-talky and effective time management by distributing work among guards.

Safety of Homes

Your home could turn to be one of the safest places in the globe by appointing personal guard service. Effective surveillance facilities are offered for home owners too. You can protect your home from strangers by appoint top level security guards. The service will be provided 24 hours. It is the responsibility of the agency to manage round the clock safety.

Bodyguard Service

No matter who you are whether a celebrity of a common people, your body will be protected by bodyguards. They are those trained people who keep you safe from bodily harm. In case, you have security threats, the bodyguard service is for you. It will be offered as per your choice. It means you can feel flexible to get the service for the time period you want and hire more than one bodyguard at a time.

Prompt Safety Services

The type of service is offered for a short period of time. While organizing any event like dance show, orchestra, celebrity show and wedding, the prompt safety service can be requested from such agencies. They instantly provide the service. The guards dealing with prompt safety services are expert in handling crowds. They make sure that the environment of the event goes smoothly.

Safety Services for Celebrities

Celebrities often face trouble to handle crowd alone. They often take help from privacy security agencies to hire personal security officers or bodyguards. These bodyguards are specialized in providing top level security to celebs. They are alert and prompt about their services.

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