5 Strong Reasons to Hire a Facility Management Company

Facility Management service in Delhi NCR

Taking care of a commercial facility is not as easy as it appears. Every office, health care unit, retail store and shopping complex comes with its own unique facility management challenges. This is where a facility management company is hired. Sometimes avoiding the importance of the odd job causes major problem for an office and can influence the growth of the business too. Here are some major reasons to hire a facility management agency.

Find Focus on Work
A company progress is primarily depended on how much attention they give to their work. When odd jobs like cleaning, maintaining hygiene, repairing and plumbing are in the hands of a facility agency, it is easy for a focus to focus on its work. Instead of wasting their time in management of the office premises, the company can be more focused towards work progress.

Save Money
Whether an organization is big or small, it is almost impossible to hire each and every employee associated with facility management services because the area of the field is larger. It is a group of expert cleaners, plumbers and electricians. On the other hand, you don’t need these services often. If you hire full time facility management workers, it will add extra burden to the company. So, outsourcing these services from top facility maintenance companies in Noida saves your money a lot.

Flawless Work Environment
When you are associated with an independent electrician, you may face unseen problems. Be it hotels, hospitals or offices, all need a smooth power supply service. If the service may interrupt due to electrical issues in your premise, it will need repairing as soon as possible. An Independent electrician may get late to provide the service but a facility management company helps to arrange real time service to get out of the problem as soon as possible. This is one of the major differences between a facility management professional and a freelance worker.

Healthy Environment
Every office needs to maintain proper hygiene. You may have hired some workers to clean the office premise regularly but for proper cleaning, you need a professional help. A facility management agency uses advance cleaning equipment and chemicals to clean the every corner including windows, ceilings, rooftops etc. Dust related respiratory diseases cannot touch your premise.

Fully Stocked Cabinets
A cleaning agency is responsible that particular products are always available like paper towels, and toilet paper in the rest room. Companies often overlook these things but a facility agency will keep you remind about this.

How Does a Pre-Marital Investigator Help You?

Are you going to tie a knot? Do you have any doubt related to your partner’s behaviour, relation or work status? All you need to conduct a pre-marital investigation. This is an investigation which helps you know about your upcoming partner’s personality and many things which you are interested to learn before getting married. But for this you will have to take help from a pre-marital investigator. You cannot conduct such investigation on your own. Neither of your family members and close friends can do this. It is the responsibility of a private detective agency.

How Do You Get Help?
A pre-marital investigator is expert in identifying any hiding fact about the person who is going to marry you. The interesting thing is that the investigator performs the task privately. Your future partner will not come to know about this until you tell him/her.

The best part is that the investigation agency will conduct investigation about certain things you want to know about. Customized service is offered. The professional detective agency is bound to reveal the information to only you. No third party is going to know about this.

To collect information of your future partner, the expert investigator can take help of various sources. It can be technology, places the person visit usually, work place he/she works and many things. The investigator can keep an eye on his/her activities if it seems necessary. Proof is collected in form of photographs, videos and anything that can work as a strong proof. Their evidences will help you much to put questions to your future partner. You can cross verify.

How to Hire
Hiring a private detective for pre-marital investigation is easy. All you need to browse the internet and locate your city based professionals like pre-marital investigation in Delhi. The search engine will let you know about those agencies. Target the agency that is in the professional for years. Such agency is reliable to conduct investigation on personal matters. Without meeting the investigator in person you can ask for investigation. It will be helpful to keep your personal matter as personal.

Remember your marriage is based on reliance. If you are alert beforehand you can save your life. Pre-marital investigation is something which is necessary for almost all youngsters who are going to tie a knot.

Facility Management in Delhi NCR

Proman Securitech has a vision to deliver a cost effective centric of Housekeeping & facility management solutions to help in keeping our business & Societies a friendly and cleaner environment

Proman Securitech has their mission to provide quality service and continuous training to the staff and customer’s satisfaction, and urges to upgrade the range & quality of its services.

We use the latest technology in resulting to cleanliness of the premises using chemicals /equipment
Proman Securitech has tailored a team of professionals with experience in working in Hotels Hospitals Schools Corporates & Industries, housekeeping and maintaining the facility. We impart regular training to our staff, and create procedures and skill training program.The facility management drive is to upkeep the facility/property

Site Assessment:According to the manpower setup, the slot work & checklist housekeeping manual which covers all the SOP’s and is designed processing the activities of Housekeeping.

Proman Securitech ensures through daily work inspection that our professionals appearance are clean complete in uniform and hygienic.Proman Securitech Quality requirement is to reduce the clients complaints, we render outstanding customer’s support.

  • Become familiar with the lease.
  • Review as-built drawings of the work environment.
  • Review the building systems.
  • Review the budget.
  • Review the facility for cleanliness, safety and functionality.
  • Review all service contracts.

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Security Services in Gurgaon

Proman Securitech has security guards that are licensed, insured, and certified. We thoroughly screen every security professional to the highest industry standards and to ensure compliance with state regulations. Verified and trained to protect homes and offices in and around Gurgaon.

We observe that our security guards are completely aware of the rules and regulations,so that they could easily identify any criminal doing and prevent grave consequences. Our working image revolves around the concept and to the total satisfaction of our Clients ,and undertake the responsibility, and assignment entrusted to us.

Proman Securitech would undertake the responsibility and assignment and execute the same to the entire satisfaction of our clients; we look forward to challenging assignments.

We have in practice and follow the 3 mandatory steps i.e

  • 1st step: Initial Screening of documents education certificates, medical report police verification.
  • 2nd Step: Sourcing of recruitment and recruitment procedures.
  • 3rd step: Basic training which is done in our training centre.

We define ourselves as the most rapidly growing organization in this manned industry, offering our comprehensive services anywhere whether a residence, club, factory, hospital, banquet hall, hotels, schools, etc.

Our Security is the most trusted agency, whom you can without hesitation build trust on us for your protection.

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How to go about choosing a Professional Security Guard Company in Noida/Greater Noida?

Not all security companies are alike. Companies differ in size, experience, geographical presence, infrastructure, managerial expertise, existing clients and professional and government affiliations and licensing. It is also true that no two entities(clients) have the same requirement when it comes to hiring a security services provider. Security is a critical function and we need to trust our security personnel with access to key business assets, both physical and digital.

A security company becomes a key part of our own business continuity and planning. It is therefore imperative to do some homework and a fair amount of due diligence when choosing a security service partner.

Some key factors to consider when making this important decision are:

1. Management of the Security company – professionals with proven track record in areas of policing, law enforcement, training, and other areas of man management tend to be better equipped to handle different contingencies
2. Training facility weather self owned or outsourced – a stringent training arrangement either in house or outsources is essential to ensure duty standards are maintained
3. Recruitment system – weather the company has a clearly defined and stringent system adhering to physical, educational standards
4. Client roster – check if the agency has handled clients in similar geographies and areas of business
5. Operations systems and checklists – ask the company to present their system of handling routine checks of client sites and their escalation system in case of any tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 occurrences. This system should be well defined and known to the entire Management chain of the Agency
6. Reference checks – it is critical to speak to the top level people at Agency’s clients to ensure that they have had no issues with the agency in the past
7. Do not look for L1 Services – security means dealing with men and often difficult circumstances that arise in our day to day business operations. Security is one area where one should not look for lowest bidder wins approach. It is our responsibility as clients to ensure that the people performing
8. Bigger is not always better – while large companies have certain advantages, they also have a tiered management structure. If quick response and constant communication is our objective we should look at a smaller company which is able to attend to our day to day issues in a satisfactory manner in real time.

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Some Unique Vagaries of Matrimonial Alliances And How to Address them Using thorough Background Checks

Matrimonial alliances present unique challenges

It is said that matrimonial alliances are not just the meeting of 2 minds but the meeting and alliance of 2 families which may in fact be very diverse when it comes to economic, cultural, religious beliefs and backgrounds.

While most of the times, the bride and groom and the families involved come together to form a “new” family and make a new beginning, building a happy and prosperous life together. Unfortunately, a few times, due to some information being withheld from either side or being misrepresented, we see a lot of misunderstandings, bad blood which develops between the two wides in the worst cases leading to separation and fights. Such issues can often prolong and affect the well being and happiness of both the bride and groom for years to come.

How to prevent such a situation?

We strongly urge you to invest a small amount of time and money to verify the records and character and antecedents of the bride and groom in professional, social, educational areasand also to get a good read on their reputation.

It is imperative to get a detailed check of the character of the individual and their families, friends circle to uncover any wrongdoing, misdemeanour, past alliance, love affairs or known criminal/legal history or other bad habits.

Proman’s field intelligence operatives are present across the country and are experts in digging out detailed information covering all these aspects without divulging the reason for the inquiry or even letting the fact be known that we are conducting such an inquiry. All our operatives have done detailed background checks and intelligence operations for decades and are trained and experiences in the trade crafts needed to get the desired results discreetly. We understand that secrecy is paramount which is why we go to great lengths to ensure that appropriate cover is taken, assets created before trying to fish out such information.

Our lead operatives then sift through the inputs provided by our field staff and put it together in an easy to understand and ensure that all aspects of the individual’s and family’s backgrounds are covered to the full satisfaction of our client.

So do not wait, next time there is a matrimonial alliance happening in your family anywhere in India, pick up the phone, call us anytime at +91 9999176075 or drop us a line at sales@promansecuritech.com. We will be happy to share a sample report with you and guide you as to how we can help!

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What are the Roles & Responsibilities of Housekeeping Supervisors?

Each and every department needs an administrator to operate the work responsibilities in a neat manner. In the same way, housekeeping department also needs supervisors to oversee the duties performed by the housekeeping staff. Cleaning and maintenance is almost an everyday task. When housekeepers are left without supervision, it is impossible to maintain proper workflow. A supervisor ensures regular maintenance and cleaning. An ideal supervisor is who has housekeeping experience, keen observation skills, an orientation to detail and competency in both verbal and written.

Let’s discover some major work responsibilities of housekeeping supervisors.

Providing Training

An employee’s ability is often a direct reflection of the quality training he/she receives. So, providing high-quality training to the housekeeping staff is a prime responsibility of a supervisor which involves educating them about cleaning equipment and keeping them well informed about services. Supervisors educate new hires on the organization’s policies and procedures of cleaning and maintenance.

Giving Clear Instructions

A housekeeping supervisor should be capable to communicate effectively. He needs to ensure that his message is clear and concise. In other words, whatever goals, suggestions, constructive criticism and company policies are teaching by him to his staff are easy-to-understand. The supervisor should be competent in not only verbally but also written so that he can complete paperwork of daily activities like keeping record of employees and supplies.

Managing Work Schedule

A dutiful manager is always responsible towards work schedule. He makes sure that each working member is coming and going timely. The housekeeping supervisor creates employee work schedule, designates them on their duty according to their competency and enforces the rules regarding breaks.

Maintenance of Equipment & Supplies

The duty of taking care of the inventory and supplies lie in his hands. It is his duty to make sure each cleaning appliance is working well and there is no shortage of cleaning materials. When equipment requires major repairs or replacement, he needs to take care of it.

Maintain Work Harmony

Work balance is maintained when a proper work harmony is followed in an organization. Here in the housekeeping department, work harmony goal is fulfilled by the supervisor.

At Proman Securitech, you can get one of the finest quality housekeeping services in Delhi, NCR. We are a prominent provider of well-trained supervisors and other housekeeping staff. Our on time service is appreciated by customers. You can call us to get complete cleaning assistance for your home or office.

Security is also Needed To

1) To investigate any intruder into the premises.
2) Answer alarms and investigate disturbances.
3) Monitor entrance and departure of employees, visitors, and other person.
4) Answer telephone calls and deliver messages wherever necessary, to monitor the security alarms and security systems.
5) To make a note of all incoming and outgoing materials of the factory, residence or any other place where deployed..
6) Reporting of any loss or damage to the company’s property. They should have all the important nos with them whom basically need to be contacted in case of emergencies.
7)Patrolling of industrial and commercial premises and to prevent and detect signs of intrusion and ensure security of all doors, windows, and gates. , they alson answer alarms and investigate disturbances they monitor and authorize entrance and departure of employees, visitors, and other persons to guard against theft and maintain security of premises and other places where deployed.
8) It is very mandatory that its our duty to look into the safety of our women whom are mostly working women , where they come two and fro from call centres.
9) The security guard should be well versed with the do and do not of his other units wherein
10) There should be a rotation of the security guards every 6 months, according to the clients view.

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Major Skill Set and Ability of PSOs

The harsh reality is that it’s a dangerous world we live in these days. We live in a world of threats. Threats are out there in many shapes and forms. Those threats might be targeted towards an individual and their families, the group or company the person is representing, or that he or she might merely in the wrong place at the wrong time. People who are in the spotlight can hardly make a move without attracting attention and some of that attention does not have the best of intention.

That is why the demand for Personal Security Officer (PSO), armed / unarmed.

PSOs have the skill set and ability to perform their duties, which are majorly four – Observe, Detect, Deter and Report Also they have the ability to focus on and operate with constantly threat profiles and locations.

PSOs have one and only one central objective to the client – the prevention of crime/Protecting from threats i.e. from Business opponents, Robbers, Kidnapers, Stalkers or over-enthusiastic fans. Escorting the client to Office / different meetings and other activities he/she has to attend and then to escort he/she back to residence safely. On the way or at the venue of the meeting/event, if any changes in circumstances detected that could pose a threat to him/her, respond to those threats and situations rapidly and effectively to protect him/her by first protecting physically and then removing from harm’s way.

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Importance of Verifying your Guards and other critical Staff

While we rely heavily on security agencies and guards employed by them to protect us, our loved ones and our assets, we should take a minute to ponder over the need to know where a person is coming from, what his past social and professional history is?

Every week there are numerous stories in the media about crimes committed with the connivance or actual involvement of these guards themselves. The lure of a fast life, access to information and physical property coupled with a hitherto weak tracking system of known criminals either at the centre or state government levels, makes us highly vulnerable to being victims of such crimes.

It is in our best interest to make sure Security guards are hired only from a licensed company that adheres to strict procedures when it comes to verification.

We at Proman believe in giving our customers a holistic security solution for full peace of mind. This is the reason we rely not only on verification procedures laid down under the Private Security Agency Regulation (PSAR) Act, 2009 but also use a combination of technology and additional physical checks to ensure we know enough about the individual who is entrusted with keeping our clients safe and secure.

We do this in the following ways:

1. Engaging third party agencies to do a physical check of the candidates
local and domicile address
2. Sending a physical communication to their place of permanent residence
3. Sending a separate antecedent verification form to the local
sarpanch/Superintendent of Police to verify the character of the said individual

Next time you go about making the important decision of hiring a security guard company, besides understanding their training, operations, client aad management profiles, we strongly urge you to understand in detail their recruitment and verification system.

A little time spent ahead of time may lead to a lasting and meaningful professional relationship with little room for any untoward incidents in the future. We firmly believe security is one aspect where one should refrain from pursuing an L1(lowest cost) approach.

Remember, when it comes to securing our lives and properties no price is large enough!

ISO 9001:2015

Proman is now licensed by the Delhi, Haryana and UP Government under the provisions of the Private Security Agency Regulation Act (PSARA), 2005.

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