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Proman Securitech a Leading Counter Surveillance Service Provider in India

"Find counter surveillance to Stop Unwanted Attempts of Cyber Crooks"

Our expert counter surveillance services assist you to restore your privacy and provide peace of mind. We have listed ourselves among a few counter surveillance companies in India who provide magnificent services in the arena. Our surveillance services have been benefited to big budget companies, small businesses, non-profit organizations and new businesses. Apart from this, we serve surveillance services to VIPs, celebs and individuals who have threat of losing their privacy.

Proman Securitech understands that detecting threats take diligence. So, we are a learner, keeping an eye on emerging threats to provide you the best services.

It is obvious that eavesdroppers can be from many walks of life. A business can be targeted by competitors, investors or insiders. Surveillance typically is conducted for one reason, stealing your valuable information. Our counter surveillance services help stop leaking your valuable information. We work systematically by employing a set of actions (countermeasures) to reduce the risk of supervision.

Our Counter surveillance focuses on:

Electronic Countermeasures

There are thousands of gadgets available to supervision to one’s activity. How do you know that your privacy is breaching by detective devices like camera. We have a set of professional sweeping devices that sensor electromagnetic radiation of surveillance systems.

Software Countermeasures

Our technically advance team and superior software prevent cyber intrusion, the unauthorized act of snooping, spying and stealing confidential data. Cyber crimes are detected by our steep team.

Cell Phone Counter Surveillance

Our technicians provide cell phone forensic services for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, hundreds of other smartphones, mobile devices as well as Chinese mobiles. If your phone is infected with malware or a virus, it may leak your valuable information. In addition, cell phone tapping and tracking can leave you helpless. Compromising with your cell phone security may replicate your personal information to another device. Our cell phone forensic team provides data extraction information to you and identify the spyware on mobile devices.

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Client Testimonials

This to place on record my appreciation for the excellent security cover provided .. by your team of Proman Securitech. ........I also have no hesitation in recommending Proman Securitech to other prospective clients seeking the services of a thoroughly professional private security company for important social/ business events.

Proman Event Security Client (a sitting Lok Sabha MP) who engaged Event security services from us in 2012

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Proman is now licensed by the Delhi, Haryana and UP Government under the provisions of the Private Security Agency Regulation Act (PSARA), 2005.

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