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Proman Securitech - Customer Due Diligence (CDD) Services

Proman Secuitech Customer Due Diligence solution comprises a comprehensive and proven wide approach to mitigate with Customer Due Diligence requirements from initial on-boarding to on-going due diligence. We are highly committed to fulfil your regulatory Customer Due Diligence objectives cost effectively. We ensure to come up with a range of workflows, investigative paths and pre-defined processes to enable you to make a good decision.

What is Customer Due Diligence?

In a simple manner, it is all about collecting facts about a customer that make an organization capable to assess the extent to which the potential customer exposes to a range of risk. And these risks could be terrorist financing and money laundering. Higher level risks are subject to enhanced due diligence. The measurement of risks is primarily depended on the type of customer, nature of transaction and business relationship.

How much Information Need to Collect for the Risk Assessment-

For Low Turnover Deposit Account- Only basic account information is required. The information extent can be restricted to the frequency of deposits and withdrawals.

For standard risk customers - the assessment is required to be conducted on permanent inhabitants with a salaried job or other source of income.

For higher risk clients or customers - Enhanced due diligence is conducted.

For privately owned companies- the identities of the beneficial owners and controllers are required to be verified including the corporate entity. Who can Contact Us for Client Due Diligence?Every organization that is going to collaborate with the other organization or client can feel free to contact us. We offer customized Customer Due Diligence services to Banks, Corporate, Financial Companies, Health, Hospitality etc...

How Does Proman Assist in Conducting Client Due Diligence Services?

We have a team of highly experienced Customer Due Diligence experts who conduct in-depth analysis of the businesses you want to collaborate with.

Our 3 Vital Steps for Verification include -

Positive Verification - Getting confirmation that the presented information is accurate

Logical Verification - Getting confirmation that the presented information is cohesive

Negative Confirmation - Ensure that the customer is not on watch list

Proman Addresses on a varieties of issues-

Gathering of Custom Data- How much information you want or what information you need under due diligence is performed by us.

Validating - Conducting watch -list check and collecting internal and external data to confirm you with whether the presented information of your potential partner is accurate

Risk Rating -Compiling the risk score by conducting customer type, product usage and geographic profile to assist you in evaluating the associated risks.

Regulate reporting to save time and effort for investigation

Continuous Monitoring- keeping an eye on sudden changes in the customer data to lower the associated risks, highlighting any deviation in the risk profile.

World Check - Expert in the screening of high-risk in the world level. The module is beneficial for identifying those who don't have an established identity.

Proman Securitech Commitments -

  • Gathering of accurate information
  • Capable to do in-depth analysis as per your requirements
  • On time reporting commitment
  • Maintain happy client relationship by serving continuously
  • Service at cost effective prices

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Client Testimonials

This to place on record my appreciation for the excellent security cover provided .. by your team of Proman Securitech. ........I also have no hesitation in recommending Proman Securitech to other prospective clients seeking the services of a thoroughly professional private security company for important social/ business events.

Proman Event Security Client (a sitting Lok Sabha MP) who engaged Event security services from us in 2012
Customer and Client due Diligence

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