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PromanSecuritech Due Diligence Services - An Introduction

Whether you are planninga new investment, merger, acquisition or strategic partnership, Proman Securitech is available for you to analyse all potential risks associated with your prospective partner/vendor/key personnel before entering into a commercial or employment or any other legal agreement.

Corporate due diligence services are offered to ensure that businesses take correct decisions to grow and sustain their businesses. Business risks can be minimized before entering into business relationships by taking informed decisions. To this end, we conduct thorough checks about individuals or organizations and submit a detailed risk profile and background report to our Clients.

Why is it necessary to conduct corporate due diligence?

We all know thatrunning a business entails risks.Doing business with or partnering with a wrong counter party could lead to not just financial losses, but also sever loss of reputation and also legal complications. Due diligence checks are conducted for several reasons:

  • It is all about getting confirmation and peace of mind that the business is exactly what it is appearing or something is hidden that you are unable to discover
  • It is to identify potential risk factors and avoid a bad business transaction
  • Some gaining information is helpful for negotiating and valuing assets
  • Avoid litigations by getting linked to an entity whose past may have been questionable
  • Do not get blind sighted by hiring or partnering with people with questionable character and integrity and continue to focus on growing your business

Who should go in for due diligence checks?

Lead and co-investors, attorneys, accountants, corporate development staff, investment bankers, loan officers, landlords and many other professionals involved in business transactions and contracts should invest some time and money to identify and mitigate potential risks. Additionally, anyone looking for new business opportunities or tie-ups can also use the expertise of Proman Securitech to conduct 360 degree due diligence checks.

How much time does a due diligence investigation typically take?

There is no exact answer to this question. The amount of time you need to conduct a thorough check is based on multiple factors - location and information available of the "target", tolerance for risk, the size of transaction, closing time of transaction, cost factors, time constraints and availability of resources. It is truly impossible to learn everything about a business, but you can conduct enough search in order to lower risks and have the ability to take informed business decisions. A detailed report can typically be put together anywhere between 1 week to 6 weeks depending on the complexity of the case. Our experts will carefully assess your requirementsand get back to you with a realistic budget both in terms or time and money.

Can I conduct the diligence on my own?

HR teams can often conduct basic due diligence and fact checks using an executive making a few phone calls. Simple reference and background checks however, often produce counter intuitive information and are easily manipulated.

For detailed and comprehensive reporting, such checks must be carried out in complete secrecy to get the right information. This is a highly specialised skill for which it is highly advisable to use experienced teams that can carry out this task while maintaining full confidentiality.

How can Proman Securitech help your organization?

  • We are a leading due diligence background check provider, and have delivered excellent reports to leading players from IT, Healthcare, Hospitality, Real Estate, Facility Management, Oil and Gas, Financial Services
  • We have a vast network of experts, all with several decades of intelligence gathering and investigative experience, handling highly sensitive assignments for central and state governments to bring you reliable information
  • In-depth analysis of risks, terms & conditions to make your partnership or investment favourable
  • We are Committed to provide reliable information by preparing :
    • Financial due diligence checklist
    • Reviewing business plans and other necessary documents
    • Our field intelligence operatives conduct site visit and interviews
    • Thorough research on the potential partner's customers, suppliers, employees and social circles to gauge a 360 degree picture
  • We only take on cases that we are capable of delivering on. Al our assignments are handled professionallyyet our rates are competitive

Key Points:

  • Surveillance operations are conducted by operatives with proven track records in the area of industrial security and intelligence gathering. CIIS operations of Proman are supervised and monitored by senior, experienced former investigative and intelligence officials
  • Only cases where we feel confident of delivering results are taken up after carefully assessing the credentials of our potential clients and the problem they are anticipating.
  • The company has already delivered excellent reports to several global clients,
  • All of which have received praise from our valued clients.

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