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Shri Ankur Chowdhry
Managing Director
Mr. Chowdhry holds an MBA in Finance & Entrepreneurship from the Stern School of Business, NYU and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Maryland (both US) He has worked for over 7 years in various operational and project management capacities wth leading Wall Street banks. Mr. Chowdhry is responsible for overseeing the operations and finances of the company.
Shri Mukund Behari Kaushal IPS (Retd)
Chairman of The Advisory Board
Former Police Commissioner Delhi, DG CRPF, Secretary Internal Security,Union Home Ministry. Mr. Kaushal is regarded as one of the most successful Commissioners of Delhi Police and possesses possibly the widest range of experience in policing and security. Mr. Kaushal’s outstanding leadership capabilities are a great help to Proman in the areas of business development and in forging strategic alliances.
Shri Anil Chowdhry, IPS (Retd)
Senior Advisor
Formerly Secretary, Internal Security, MHA, Government of India, Mr. Chowdhry has had a tenure of 22 years with the Intelligence Bureau wherein he oversaw IB’s counter terrorism efforts in J&K, counter intelligence operations, VIP Security and Industrial Security. He also headed IB’s VIP security wing for almost 7 years. Given his years of leadership experience handling sensitive roles of the MHA, he guides us in all areas of business with special focus in strategizing and recognizing and growing our pool of expert resources in areas of forensics, intelligence gathering, risk advisory and investigative services.
Shri Kamal Kumar, IPS (Retd)
Former Director of The National Police Academy, Hyderabad. Mr Kumar is recognized as one of the best brains in the country on training needs of police, intelligence and security personnel. He works closely with the management team and the training staff to establish a cutting edge recruitment and training guidelines that we follow to only hire and use the best in the business to work on our highly sensitive projects.
Key Operatives
Given below are brief biodatas of some of our lead Operatives (full confidentiality remains one of the hallmarks of our work. Owing to the sensitive nature of assignments we undertake, names have been changed to protect our operatives and clients identities).
Shri Ramesh Kumar
Lead Intelligence Officer
A versatile professional with life time experience in Due Diligence, Corporate Investigation, Overt and Covert Field Enquiries, Cover jobs, Identification of potential resources to elicit inside information, Security and Safety audit of big Industrial installations, Risk Analysis and Mitigation Business development, Client management with proven ability to motivate staff through periodical Training sessions to ensure cost controls through effective use of manpower and available resources.

He has spent 5 plus years in the private sector handling fraud detection investigations and leading teams that were carrying out due diligence and background enquiries on behalf of foreign companies investing in India. While in Government service Mr. Kumar spent 30 plus years in the Ministry of Home Affairs, in the areas of Industrial Security planning and overseeing security setups of vital installations of the country. He also managed several large teams of individuals handling human and technical intelligence that serve as the eyes and ears of the Government. Preparing reports on threats from terrorist, cyber and criminal threats has been his forte throughout.

Ms. Shalini Singh
Lead - Due Diligence Services
Ms Singh has spent over 10 years at private security and investigations companies across India leading their background check practice. She is an experts in supervising teams that collect and analyse data about individuals and entities by using latest technologies and human intelligence gathering methods. She has also handled diverse leadership roles in Marketing, Operations and Administration in Facility Management and private security.

Ms. Singh holds a Bachelors in English from Kolkata University and falls back on a wide network of resources in the private security and investigations experts across India in order to deliver cutting edge results to customers.