Counter Surveillance Tools

Counter surveillance is best known as bug sweeping which is all about locating hidden cameras, microphones and other surveillance devices. Being ‘bugged’ can bring a host of problems, especially in the corporate world. Privacy can be breached and confidential data can be leaked. Today, many companies are dealing with copyright issues, computer hacking, leakage of confidentiality and far more. These incidents are on rise. Industries need counter surveillance services. For which they are hiring security service providers. Expert counter surveillance use high tech tools to detect surveillance devices.

Take a look at some modern age advanced counter surveillance tools which are powerful and effective.

Video Bug Detectors
The technology market offers sophistically designed video bug detectors that can detect small to small sizes hidden video cameras. These high-end equipment pinpoints the exact location of the offending cameras. The powerful tool helps identify hidden cameras from bathrooms, bedrooms, office cabins, key chains, soft toys and ceiling fans. No matter where the hidden camera is located in a room, it detects so fast.

Laser-Based Video Camera Finder
These are typically handheld devices, easily fit to your pocket. Such devices release laser light. When you target an object to detect a hidden camera, the lens glows through the viewfinder. These detectors are useful to locate hidden cameras at a further distance and cameras of less than 1 mm in size.

GPS Monitor Detectors
Some GPS monitoring devices send a constant signal. They keep track of the vehicle location and tell the departure to arrival time. Sensitive and high-end GPS trackers are capable to find a GPS bug even they are switched off. Technically advance GPS tractors sends period messages and create a log report to manage data easily and avoid monitoring errors.

Audio, Microphone and Wire Detectors
If every plan and strategy of your company is leaking it means audio or microphone devices are using by somebody to record your plan. Be careful about this. Get counter surveillance services to detect the audio devices using by any of your company’s staff or is fixed to the room. Microphones are a portable device that can conceal easily inside a pen or a necklace pendant.

The bug can be recording or transmitting the conversation in real time. Audio bug surveillance detectors are a powerful countermeasure, catch RF signals coming out from wireless microphones.

Audio Jammers
Professional counter surveillance providers recommend corporate to use such devices which generate a random masking sound to desensitize microphones in the area. Tape recorders, microphones and transmitters are jammed with the use of such audio jammers.