Do you think today’s schools are safe, especially schools of Delhi NCR? In the recent years, there were many school-related crimes noted in the NCR that rocked the city and the whole nation. Now, parents have a kind of fear in their mind and they are forced to think that today’s schools are safe. Even after CCTV cameras in every corner of the school, crime incidents are taking place. So, you can say that CCTV cameras are not failed to make the school premise safe. These education centers need robust security so, appointing security persons in the school is an ideal plan. Presence of guards in every sensitive part of the school can curb or eliminate crime.

Human Presence is Much Effective than CCTV Cameras
Today’s schools are well equipped with CCTV cameras. Do you think the approach is enough to make the school environment safe? Today’s kids are smart to beat technology. It is also tough to keep an eye on activities of every corner with the help of CCTV. If schools appoint security professionals, it could be possible to make the premise safer. Security officers can be appointed near washrooms, swimming pool, and the ground.

Help Maintain School Reputation
It takes several years to build a neat and clean image. One bad incident can spoil the best image of a school in just a few minutes. It can increase the anxiety of parents and they may plan to admit their kids to somewhere else. As you know today’s digital media is so active. It doesn’t take less than an hour to spoil the reputation of a school.

Encourage to Give Safe & Happy Environment
A Respected Security Guard Company in Gurgaon offers to hire those security personals who are well-trained. They know the art of handling scuffles without harming others. They get training to keep an eye on their surroundings. So, the appointment of security guards in the school’s sensitive areas will encourage a safe and happy environment.

Set a Layer of Security in the Entry Gate
Your school should have a special security arrangement in the entry gate to stop entry of unknown persons. They play a major role in unwanted incidents in the school campus. Appointing more than one security in the entry gate can make the campus safer.

Manage Students during Entry, Break & Leave Timing
Managing students during entry, break and leave time is not an easy task. The responsibility cannot be shifted entirely on teachers. Appointment of security officers can make management of children easy.