skip trace investigation

The term ‘skip tracing‘ is used for all about locating or tracing the whereabouts of someone who has left town, often for the purpose of debt collection. An experienced private investigator team is appointed to locate the targeted person’s present contact details with the help of various resources. They use the term POI for the targeted person which is known as the person of interest.

Why do only Private Investigators Hire for Skip Trace?
People who are subject of a skip trace investigation always like to be untraced. Private investigators trace the POI on your behalf. Real time service is provided. There are several cases in which police have failed to trace the particular person but private investigators have achieved success.

A private investigation team looks for people for various reasons under skip trace. You can hire them when:

  • Looking for important witnesses for attorneys
  • Missing heirs to estates
  • Defendants who has not appeared in the court
  • Subjects of legal proceedings who has to serve with court papers
  • Tracing people who have skipped bail
  • Debtors who have defaulted
  • Those who have not paid to a business for the services they received

What information is collected under skip tracing services?
The prime goal of the service is to trace the current location of the POI. A record is prepared by the investigation team which helps to trace the targeted person easily. The investigator is responsible to act quickly to find out the current address, place of work, the recent phone number, and evidences verify the correct address. The private investigator is responsible to provide the service in real time so that the person can be traceable quickly.

What is the cost of skip tracing services?
Cost can vary depending on cases. You cannot assume that your case will cost you more or will be affordable. Factors like the amount of information you want, whether the POI is actively hiding and the background of the POI play a big role in deciding the service cost. For example, a homeless person who doesn’t want to be traced can be hard to track down the real address. On the contrary, a debtor with a fixed address is easily traceable. So the amount of effort put on tracing also influences the pricing of the service.