When it comes to the security of your home in cities like Delhi NCR, you want to leave no stone unturned. Your focus is to hire a reliable guard to take care of your property as well as family members. In the process of hiring a security guard, what is your priority? There are lots of factors to consider when hiring a security guard. On the basis of just two or three factors, you can’t hire a guard.

Who to Hire
Candidates with a clean background– This is the most common factor not to avoid. You can’t skip it. Find out the previous work status of the guard. If the prospective guard has been warned for his misbehavior and carelessness, you will need to think of others. Find out any criminal history. don’t forget to check his home address and personal address. If the background seems clean, pass the guard for other verification.

Candidates with good interpersonal skills– Your guard should be active enough to interact with others. He should be representable, clean and professional. The skills of your guard keep visitors happy. You find a safe environment in the home.

Evaluate the Habits– Every man has some bad and good qualities, but there are some bad habits which cannot be ignored. When it comes to hiring a security guard, the service requires a man with no bad habits of drinking and no addiction to any type of drug. In foreign countries, guards have to undergo for drug screen test to evaluate their addiction if any. In countries like India, the facility is not available for hiring guards. You can come to know about the bad habits of guards by evaluating their history and background investigation.

How to Hire
There are three ways to hire a security guard.

Hire on Your Own
You can give ads in the newspaper and online to hire a security guard on your own. It will be a time taking process. You will have to do a personal inquiry of the guard background and work experience.

Hire from Security Training Schools
A security training school can help you hire a security guard quickly, but the downside is that only newly experienced security officers can be hired from these schools.

Hire from Security Service Providers
This is one of the best ways to hire a guard. A security agency is the agency specialized in providing experienced and freshers. The agency is itself responsible to hire security officers for your resident. Background verification, key skills, and behavior are judged by the agency itself. You can hire such agency online. Select the best guard service in Gurgaon by evaluating the agency performance, work experience, and quotes.