Forensic Expert in India

A forensic expert is who intended to solve cases by collecting scientific evidences. While handling criminal cases, these forensic experts play a vital role in representing the truth in an unbiased manner before the court. Such experts are appointed by the government or can be hired privately.
Let’s discover their ways to find out the truth.

Fingerprint Analysis
No two fingerprints are exactly alike. In fact, different people have different fingerprints, so the analysis of fingerprints is very helpful in collecting evidences from the crime area. Fingerprints can be found on practically any solid surface like the tool used to commit the crime, solid articles in the crime area like furniture and the body of the victim. Fingerprints can be traced from soft surfaces like soap, wax and wet paint. So, the forensic team is responsible to carefully examine the crime area to collect fingerprints to nab the real criminal.

Fingerprints are collected from solid areas through photography in high resolution which is called patent prints. The finger marks from soft surface are called latent prints collected by dusting with fingerprint powder. There are several other methods of collecting these prints like Alternate Light Source (ALS) and chemicals. Computerized systems are used to match these prints with potential matches. Sometimes, a small magnifier glass is used to view minute details like counting of the friction ridges.

The DNA analysis was first introduced in 1984. The DNA profile is used to identify the perpetrator. With the advancement of technology, it is now possible to develop DNA profile from smaller to smaller biological samples like blood semen, urine, saliva, hair, teeth, cells and tissue. The DNA samples are obtained from the items could be worn or touched by persons involved in crimes like hats, clothes, underclothes, bedding, toothbrush, cigarettes etc…

The DNA samples are collected for laboratory analysis by people who have pursued a degree program in a forensic science or chemistry.

Apart from DNA and fingerprint analysis, a forensic expert in India is capable to perform Unlenhuth test and maturation to find out the real culprit. The focus is to collect the forensic evidences that can help the court to take the right decision over a case. Criminal cases are highly sensitive. A minor mistake in the forensic report can influence the overall case. So, it is important to hire an expert and experienced forensic expert.