While we rely heavily on security agencies and guards employed by them to protect us, our loved ones and our assets, we should take a minute to ponder over the need to know where a person is coming from, what his past social and professional history is?

Every week there are numerous stories in the media about crimes committed with the connivance or actual involvement of these guards themselves. The lure of a fast life, access to information and physical property coupled with a hitherto weak tracking system of known criminals either at the centre or state government levels, makes us highly vulnerable to being victims of such crimes.

It is in our best interest to make sure Security guards are hired only from a licensed company that adheres to strict procedures when it comes to verification.

We at Proman believe in giving our customers a holistic security solution for full peace of mind. This is the reason we rely not only on verification procedures laid down under the Private Security Agency Regulation (PSAR) Act, 2009 but also use a combination of technology and additional physical checks to ensure we know enough about the individual who is entrusted with keeping our clients safe and secure.

We do this in the following ways:

1. Engaging third party agencies to do a physical check of the candidates
local and domicile address
2. Sending a physical communication to their place of permanent residence
3. Sending a separate antecedent verification form to the local
sarpanch/Superintendent of Police to verify the character of the said individual

Next time you go about making the important decision of hiring a security guard company, besides understanding their training, operations, client aad management profiles, we strongly urge you to understand in detail their recruitment and verification system.

A little time spent ahead of time may lead to a lasting and meaningful professional relationship with little room for any untoward incidents in the future. We firmly believe security is one aspect where one should refrain from pursuing an L1(lowest cost) approach.

Remember, when it comes to securing our lives and properties no price is large enough!