Security Guard Training Program

Do you know how efficient your security guard is?
Do you ever try to evaluate his efficiency?

You rely on your guard in order to find peaceful in-house environment. You have a belief that you are safe because any miscreant would be handled by the guard first.

Practically a guard has a huge responsibility that he follows promptly. Do you ever try to know what makes these security guards efficient? It is their rigorous training. If you have knowledge about such training program, it is possible to appoint an active mind guard for your premises.

Course Duration
It is a short term program which could be of 20 days or 1 month. The training needs physical presence to learn various types of real time actions. However, some online sources too offer security training but it is good for those guards who want to enhance their knowledge. So, make sure that your security officer has gone through practical training.

Content of the Course
In a short span of time, a lot of things are taught that brings personality development, skills to deal with situations and gets confidence. The very first knowledge is given about the law of private security agency. It helps to learn responsibilities and ethics to follow by keeping the law of private security in mind. Personality is developed by letting them know about how to wear uniform and maintain physical fitness. The training incorporates how to take real time actions during situations like fire and accident. First-aid knowledge is provided. Before the fire fight team comes, how to handle fire is taught under the course. The guard is trained to handle IEDs (improvised explosive device) also. Physical fight training is provided to calm down the fighting situation with using physical force but without hurting anyone. Basic knowledge of criminal law is also imparted. How to perform rescue operation and defensive driving are also incorporated. Some basic conversation in English is the part of personality development.

An armed security guard gets knowledge of security equipment and how to use them. Knowledge of handling of NPB (non-prohibited Bore) weapons is also provided.

Now, you can understand that how rigorous the training is. It is capable to make a common individual into one of the most trustable person to maintain safe environment. Before appointing a security guard, you can confirm that the person has undergone the training from reputed security guard companies in Delhi. This is how you can hire a reliable security officer.