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It is devastating to learn that your partner is cheating on you. Sometimes there are situations which create doubts on your partner. These doubts can be either true or untrue. Therefore, confronting partners without facts can be ended badly. For example, it may possible that your partner will tell a lie if he has an affair because cheats are liar and liars are cheaters. When you confront him/her without facts it could be very difficult for you collecting any fact in the near future because your partner will become alert and tricky to hide facts. In case the partner is not having an affair there is a chance of ruining the relationship because it is based on mutual understanding.

Below are some efforts that you can put on your own to clear your doubts whether the partner is cheating on you or fair.

Keep a Facts Diary
The dairy will prevent you to become confused and unsure about the facts. For example, your partner is telling that he is going out to do some important office work but is noticed by one of your friends at a pub. You need to record the facts including the time he left home, the time he was noticed by the friend at a pub, location of the pub and the friend who told you the fact. This is the way you can catch him/her. Here your emotions will not work.

Collecting Facts about Close Buddies of Your Partner
It has been proved time and again that in the case of 70% affairs, illicit relationship is made with a close pal, family, work colleague or other close association. Write down in your diary about the names of people whom your partner is closer. Write their status such as married, height, weight, sex etc… It will be helpful for you to know who can be the person.

If you have enough time, you may go ahead to create some facts diary else Hire a reputed private detective of your area. Locate the agency that can help you collecting some crucial facts that show your partner is loyal or having an affair. Hire the agency that is bound to maintain confidentiality.

Go for online search and make search criteria as per area based like private detectives in Delhi. This is one of the quickest ways to keep in touch with the best agency.