pre-employment screening

Background checks are often requested by employers for their intended employees to typically find out their credit history, past employment history and criminal history. The verification verifies the accuracy of an applicant’s claim. It is requested to especially on candidates seeking a position that needs a higher level of trust & security like office managers, militants, researchers, scientists, doctors etc… The purpose of pre-employment screening is related to hiring of the right candidate.

Below are types of check or verification that a pre-employment screening involves.

Academic Verification
It is one of the most common verification. The employee’s claim and the collected academic record of the employee are matched to find out that every provided detail related to education is proper and right. The verification tries to find out the provided documents provided no false. Bad academic records like fail history and gaps in education are also tried to discover through the screening.

Employment History
The claim of employment history and self-investigated employment history are matched to know their similarity. If the given and investigated details are mismatched, the employment process is detained. Under this history, investigation team tries to find out gaps in the employment, reason for leaving the previous jobs, employee character, work history, work experience, appreciations, promotions etc… The verification helps companies to hire a dominated, intelligent and creative mind worker.

Address Verification
The investigation purpose is to know whether the claimed address is right or wrong. It generally involves the candidate’s present and previous addresses. The type of verification helps companies to know the person personal identity closely like citizenship, immigration or legal issues.
Criminal Investigation

Every company wants to hire candidates with clean history. Hiring an employee with criminal history can be dangerous for an office environment. It can influence the overall development of the firm. Therefore, criminal investigation is followed where the candidate’s criminal history is checked or verified. If the candidate has a past history of legal issues related to criminal activities, they are verified clearly.

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