Not all security companies are alike. Companies differ in size, experience, geographical presence, infrastructure, managerial expertise, existing clients and professional and government affiliations and licensing. It is also true that no two entities(clients) have the same requirement when it comes to hiring a security services provider. Security is a critical function and we need to trust our security personnel with access to key business assets, both physical and digital.

A security company becomes a key part of our own business continuity and planning. It is therefore imperative to do some homework and a fair amount of due diligence when choosing a security service partner.

Some key factors to consider when making this important decision are:

1. Management of the Security company – professionals with proven track record in areas of policing, law enforcement, training, and other areas of man management tend to be better equipped to handle different contingencies
2. Training facility weather self owned or outsourced – a stringent training arrangement either in house or outsources is essential to ensure duty standards are maintained
3. Recruitment system – weather the company has a clearly defined and stringent system adhering to physical, educational standards
4. Client roster – check if the agency has handled clients in similar geographies and areas of business
5. Operations systems and checklists – ask the company to present their system of handling routine checks of client sites and their escalation system in case of any tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 occurrences. This system should be well defined and known to the entire Management chain of the Agency
6. Reference checks – it is critical to speak to the top level people at Agency’s clients to ensure that they have had no issues with the agency in the past
7. Do not look for L1 Services – security means dealing with men and often difficult circumstances that arise in our day to day business operations. Security is one area where one should not look for lowest bidder wins approach. It is our responsibility as clients to ensure that the people performing
8. Bigger is not always better – while large companies have certain advantages, they also have a tiered management structure. If quick response and constant communication is our objective we should look at a smaller company which is able to attend to our day to day issues in a satisfactory manner in real time.

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