Matrimonial alliances present unique challenges

It is said that matrimonial alliances are not just the meeting of 2 minds but the meeting and alliance of 2 families which may in fact be very diverse when it comes to economic, cultural, religious beliefs and backgrounds.

While most of the times, the bride and groom and the families involved come together to form a “new” family and make a new beginning, building a happy and prosperous life together. Unfortunately, a few times, due to some information being withheld from either side or being misrepresented, we see a lot of misunderstandings, bad blood which develops between the two wides in the worst cases leading to separation and fights. Such issues can often prolong and affect the well being and happiness of both the bride and groom for years to come.

How to prevent such a situation?

We strongly urge you to invest a small amount of time and money to verify the records and character and antecedents of the bride and groom in professional, social, educational areasand also to get a good read on their reputation.

It is imperative to get a detailed check of the character of the individual and their families, friends circle to uncover any wrongdoing, misdemeanour, past alliance, love affairs or known criminal/legal history or other bad habits.

Proman’s field intelligence operatives are present across the country and are experts in digging out detailed information covering all these aspects without divulging the reason for the inquiry or even letting the fact be known that we are conducting such an inquiry. All our operatives have done detailed background checks and intelligence operations for decades and are trained and experiences in the trade crafts needed to get the desired results discreetly. We understand that secrecy is paramount which is why we go to great lengths to ensure that appropriate cover is taken, assets created before trying to fish out such information.

Our lead operatives then sift through the inputs provided by our field staff and put it together in an easy to understand and ensure that all aspects of the individual’s and family’s backgrounds are covered to the full satisfaction of our client.

So do not wait, next time there is a matrimonial alliance happening in your family anywhere in India, pick up the phone, call us anytime at +91 9999176075 or drop us a line at [email protected] We will be happy to share a sample report with you and guide you as to how we can help!

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