Each and every department needs an administrator to operate the work responsibilities in a neat manner. In the same way, housekeeping department also needs supervisors to oversee the duties performed by the housekeeping staff. Cleaning and maintenance is almost an everyday task. When housekeepers are left without supervision, it is impossible to maintain proper workflow. A supervisor ensures regular maintenance and cleaning. An ideal supervisor is who has housekeeping experience, keen observation skills, an orientation to detail and competency in both verbal and written.

Let’s discover some major work responsibilities of housekeeping supervisors.

Providing Training

An employee’s ability is often a direct reflection of the quality training he/she receives. So, providing high-quality training to the housekeeping staff is a prime responsibility of a supervisor which involves educating them about cleaning equipment and keeping them well informed about services. Supervisors educate new hires on the organization’s policies and procedures of cleaning and maintenance.

Giving Clear Instructions

A housekeeping supervisor should be capable to communicate effectively. He needs to ensure that his message is clear and concise. In other words, whatever goals, suggestions, constructive criticism and company policies are teaching by him to his staff are easy-to-understand. The supervisor should be competent in not only verbally but also written so that he can complete paperwork of daily activities like keeping record of employees and supplies.

Managing Work Schedule

A dutiful manager is always responsible towards work schedule. He makes sure that each working member is coming and going timely. The housekeeping supervisor creates employee work schedule, designates them on their duty according to their competency and enforces the rules regarding breaks.

Maintenance of Equipment & Supplies

The duty of taking care of the inventory and supplies lie in his hands. It is his duty to make sure each cleaning appliance is working well and there is no shortage of cleaning materials. When equipment requires major repairs or replacement, he needs to take care of it.

Maintain Work Harmony

Work balance is maintained when a proper work harmony is followed in an organization. Here in the housekeeping department, work harmony goal is fulfilled by the supervisor.

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